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Dec 4, 2007 01:39 PM

Can you add extract to chocolate?

I'm planning on making Heidi Swanson's thin mints again and last time I added some peppermint extract (from TJ's) my chocolate seized on me but I did put it in the microwave. Is it possible to add peppermint extract without having my chocolate seize so that I can temper it? Thanks

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  1. put the additives in when you start. The problem is the differing temp between the melted chocolate and the extract

    sounds good

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    1. re: dutchdot

      there is another thread on this from last year --- put seized chocolate in the search spot. Most of the responders say it can be saved. But, if you've already pitched it, add the extract when you start.

      Thin mints still sound good. Does that mean you lose weight when you eat them?

    2. Seized chocolate can be un-seized?....I tried that once....I didn't know that chocolate could burn without melting.

      Use oil-based paste flavourings if you want to flavour chocolate. Check the Wilton's candy supplies company, or a local baking supply shop, that does decorating classes.


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        There is a certain minimum amount of liquid you need to add to chocolate, if you add too little liquid, the chocolate will seize. This is why recipes always tell you to melt chocolate in a dry bowl, not let any steam from your bain marie drip into it, etc. You can add a whole lot more liquid to save seized chocolate, but then you have ganache, not what the OP is looking for to coat his/her candies. You are right, oil-based flavors will prevent that tiny-amount-of-liquid seizing problem - it is a liquid issue, not a a temperature issue.