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Dec 4, 2007 01:35 PM

Nice lunch spot in Devon/Stafford area

My mother asked me to take her out to the Hartstrings store on Lancaster Ave for some Christmas shopping for the grandchildren next week. Can I get some suggestions from those who live in the area for a lunch stop? My clients out in Devon prefer food that is more chowhoundish than my parents, so I am at a bit of a loss: My dad won't eat Chinese, my mother won't eat fish, ethnic is out of the question...
I seem to remember there was a large pub type place on the Lancaster Ave, not far from where the store we are going to is located (Whole Foods shopping center). Is that good? They do like nice places, but nothing too fancy for a lunch. Also, my mother is handicapped so close parking is a must . Thanks, all.

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  1. I believe that the place you are thinking of is John Harvard's Brew Pub. I don't know how it is. Another place nearby with parking is Bertucci's, which is fine for what it is. If ethnic were an option, I'd recommend Nectar-- I've heard that lunch there is very good. You might want to check the menu and see if there's enough that your parents would like. In Radnor, 333 Belrose and Pond/Bistro Cassis have nice lunch menus.

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      Thank you, I would love to try Nectar sometime as I have also heard it is very good. I heard Pond is beautiful, maybe I will try to look at their menu online.

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        I've been to John Harvard's many times and can declare it quite "safe". It's certainly not in the class of Nectar or even 333 Belrose (which i've been to for lunch and has a nice vibe). But it's only a few blocks from Whole Foods which might be a huge benefit given the probably horrendous holiday shopping traffic (composed of people like you!).

        If you do go to 333 Belrose then here's the shortcut to avoid inching down Lancaster Ave.: head east towards Philly and turn left at the Farmers Market (car wash on right) at Eagle Road. Pass Valley Forge Military Academy & Eastern College. Turn right at light at King of Prussia Road. Turn on to Belrose immediately after first light. Sounds complicated, but its not, and will save you 15 minutes.

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          Thank you for that info on John Harvards. Since my parents will be driving over from the shore, I think they probably won't want to have a long lunch, so that might be just fine.

      2. My mother lives in the area and only likes simple food. She uses a walker so easy parking is a must. We've been having lunch at the Paoli Diner on Lancaster Ave. near 252 and it works for both of us - the Greek specialties are fine for me and she orders pancakes.

        1. you might also try the new grill called M on Lancaster in Berwyn. It operates as an upscale deli for lunch. Food was pretty good, service was a bit slow but they have parking right along side.

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            I was going to suggest the same thing... it's Bistro M and it does have parking next door. It's owned by the same people who own Murray's Deli. It's actually Murray's by day, Bistro M (BYO) by night. The website is In Berwyn, there's also Main Street Cafe (?). It's ok food and certainly good for the tastes of your parents.

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              Is Main Street that place almost across the street from the Berwyn Tavern? If so, I have been there and it is a decent spot for lunch. As I said, unfortunately, they both appreciate good food, but have a very limited list of what they will types of food they will eat. Drives me nuts!

              1. re: mschow

                As far as I am concerned, the perfect spot (which is much closer to Whole Foods than Pond, which I would also highly recommend) is clearly Taquet.
                I was just there recently for lunch and it was superb!
                (Also it has a special handicap entrance.)
                Bon appetit!