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Best delivery in East Bay (Oakland/Berkeley)?

As the rainy season approaches, I am once again faced with the same predicament: there seem to be no good places that deliver in the Oakland/Berkeley area. I have ordered a couple of times from India Palace - it'll do in a pinch but is certainly not Chowhound worthy. Rustica is okay but I get tired of paying $30 for a pizza, and the only Chinese I know of is King Yen on Grand Ave., which is so greasy and bad that I don't think I can bring myself to order again. Is there anywhere else that delivers that is actually really good? I'm open to any cuisine, any price range... I would appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. Eew, King Yen. For Chinese I stick with Shan Dong (Oakland Chinatown). They deliver certain evenings only. http://www.222.to/food/?co_id=69

    For pizza I tend towards Leaning Tower of Pizza: a tad salty, but their The Tops (supreme) is good, and customizable (even though the menu suggests they are not). Half price beer and wine Mondays at lunch if you want to try them out with a mini pizza.

    Those are the best I have found, unless you want to go with one of the separately contracted delivery services.

    1. As I've been adding Place records from my menus, I've noted places that do delivery. This search is just on "East Bay" and "delivery. Some of the Albany places cover a significant area. You can narrow the search by replacing "East Bay" with Oakland or Berkeley

      I'll add more as time permits. Once you see who delivers you can read the posts to see if they are any good.


      1. King Yen on Grand closed overa year ago. It's now Holly's Mandarin, which is much, much better but probably still not as good as other options.

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          Isn't that Piedmont Ave., not Grand?

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            You're right, it is. I wasn't thinking. But King Yen has never been on Grand. Maybe the OP means Yang Chow?

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              Yes, I meant Yang Chow. It was terrible. So Holly Mandarin isn't worth my time either though?

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                You might try it in a pinch. Way, way better than Yang Chow, and the woman who owns it (Holly) is great. Decent, but definitely not great.

        2. I have not tried it, but this place is loosely associated with Tako (?) on Shattuck by UCB.


          1. Where exactly in the Oakland/Berkeley are you? That information might help people post more useful replies.

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              I'm in Rockridge, a block up from the Temescal area.

            2. For pizza, I usually use West Coast pizza. They have by far the greasiest pizza I have ever tried, but the price is reasonable (at least the daily specials) and it doesn't taste terrible. My personal favorite is the deli pie.

              Get nude sushi (don't worry, it has nothing to do with nudity) is a sushi delivery company. I believe it operates out of Taco Sushi on Telegraph. The quality of the sushi is pretty poor and is definitely not authentic. The only reason I get it is because it is open until 4am.

              1. I know, it's pathetic, isn't it? I will watch the responses with interest as I gave up a while ago and started ordering chef-prepared meals for delivery for some of my crazier work nights (which is really breaking the bank). For what it's worth, you might try ordering the jerk chicken from Rustica. Baked beans are also good and spinach salad OK. I definitely get sick of this order (don't get me wrong) but it's a nice change from pizza.

                1. I like Pizza Pazza on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland for pizza. They make a good crust. I don't know how good their delivery service is though.

                  Pizza Pazza
                  3905 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

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                    2nd Pizza Pazza. Agree that their crusts are great, toppings interesting, and delivery is in my experience pretty dependable and prompt.

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                      Ill have to try this-- Pizza Rustica is overpriced and crappy--I had given up on delivery out here.;

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                        I'm definitely going to give Pazza a try -- do you know how big their delivery area is? And do they have a website/online menu anywhere? I looked but couldn't find anything.

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                          Hmmm. . .don't know off hand the delivery area. May not be too big, given that it's a small, family operation. However, the OP should be able to order from there.

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                            If they make it to Rockridge, it should be fine for me. I might try them instead of Lanesplitter the next time I'm getting pizza.

                    2. In Berkeley, we're fans of both Lucky House Thai on University, and Thai Delight <http://www.themenupage.com/thaidelight/>. The choo chee fish is a cold-'n-wet-weather favorite.