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Dec 4, 2007 01:27 PM

Any restaurants open Christmas night?

I am hosting my father and think it would be fun to get out in the city for our meal. Anything works! We are both adventurous and would have fun most anywhere. Growing up we would get stuck at China First because he didn't cook- this year there has to be more possiblities now that we are not in the suburbs. We like ethnic, traditional, and most anything else. Please- I need your suggestions or places you have seen advertising that they are open. Thanks for the help!

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  1. The International District is open on Christmas. Ditto the hotels. I had dinner at Earth and Ocean in the W Hotel a few Xmasses ago. They had a very expensive Christmas menu that was not particularly good, so don't go there!

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      any international district restaurants take reservations on christmas?

    2. Szechuan 99 out in Lynnwood. They have fresh made bean curd and really good Szechuan food.

      1. Not the best way to pick a restaurant, but will let you search by date to see which restaurants are open on both the 24th and 25th. Not surprisingly, the list is MUCH more limited for the 25th than the 24th.

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          Need more dining ideas for Xmas, thanks!!

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            Northwest Source ( had a bunch of places listed on their front page today that are serving Christmas Dinner.
            Good luck!

        2. I walked by Phuket on Queen Anne Ave N this morning, and they are supposed to be open!

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            Shanghai Garden. First time there. Long wait, totally worth it.

          2. The ID was/is slammed tonight. Lines out the door almost everywhere. We ended up at Honey Court, which was fine.