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Dec 4, 2007 01:13 PM

Holed up in Des Peres Hospital, St. Louis

I'm on day 6 after double knee replacement surgery here last week and the food service here is definitely affecting my attitude. Poor food = poor attitude. Actually my recovery is going well, but I really need some quality, burgers, Thai, Italian, whatever...just some taste. Can any fellow hounds hook me up on some places close at hand where I can get a delivery or have one of my visitors run out and grab something for us? Thanks in advance from a very hungry big boy!

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  1. Hey Dave
    The Village Bar is about 5 minutes from you near the corner of Manchester and Ballas. They have great grease burgers and fries.

    Or type in
    Mike Duffy's Kirkwood, Mo. and check out their menu for their pizza.
    They are about 10 minutes from you . Their parking lot is at the corner of Jefferson and Clay in Kirkwood.

    Let us know how it goes and good luck with new those knees.

    1. JJ Twigs is an interesting pizza place just out Dougherty Ferry a ways. "Double decker": Two bottom crusts with filling in between. (Kinda sorta stuffed crust, but not really.) 636-225-9945,

      You're also within easy distance of the latest incarnation, so to speak, of several Indian/Pakistani restaurants that have been in a strip mall on Manchester about Barrett Station. Saffron? I don't remember what it's called these days.

      1. Right down Dougherty Ferry from your hospital is Samurai Sam's - a healthy fast food chain out of California. It is in the same strip mall as JJ Twig's, a very worthy pizza parlor.

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          Samurai Sam's it was for lunch. Great steak yaki soba and deelish grilled crab puffs x 2 for $18. I'll do it again. Twigs in a few for sammies. Transfer to an IL rehab tomorrow closer to home. Thnx all!!