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Dec 4, 2007 01:10 PM

Harold's New York Deli

The Deli from Helli. If you like huge portions, beautifully presented, this is the place for you. If you think you know what jewish deli is supposed to taste like, don't go. I drove 40 miles to meet a friend who drove 60 miles to be there. A great photo op of me and a 12 inch high sandwich but; pastrami with a smokey flavor? The brisket was dry! The latke is a doormat! Even the water had a chlorine smell! The fried kreplach would have been good if they hadn't poured the liquid onions all over it, making it a gooey mess within minutes. Sorry, guys, the Carnegie, Katz's, but not Harold's New York Deli.

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  1. did you eat at the one in Parsippany NJ? That one has changed ownership a few times and has been closed a couple of times due to cleanliness problems.

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    1. re: northNJfoodie

      Lyndhurst or Parsippany, they have both suffered over time from the early days.

      Classic case of quantity over quality. I would suggest only if you really need a fix of the deli meats you prefer. The only positive is they do not mind when you share your selections and the pain is only half as bad.

    2. I just had lunch at Harold's in Edison this past Saturday and had a terrific pastrami sandwich. I can't imagine we are talking about the same place.

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      1. re: albinoni

        I agree with albinoni - Portion size aside, the food at Harold's in Edison is very good.

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          I have always been pleased with the quality of the meats (and pickle bar) at Edison, but I didn't think that Edison was connected to the others anymore.

          1. re: dkupersmith

            It would be interesting to know how the various Harold's relate to one another (or not). Years ago, there was a Harold's Deli near the Quakerbridge Mall (Mercer County?). I don't know what happened to it. Perhaps it morphed into one of the ones that still exist.

            1. re: ambrose

              I remember that place! I was just a kid though, so I don't remember much about it. I'm still trying to figure out what building it was actually in on the Mercer Mall complex. I just can't place it. I remember thinking the turkey was dry but tasty and that the sandwiches were as big as my head. I don't know how good of a deli it was though...

              1. re: Heatherb

                The building was right on Rt 1 and was torn down about 2 years ago.

            2. re: dkupersmith

              bgut1 and dkupersmith,

              My comments are specific to the Parsippany and Lyndhurst locations only. I have never been to the Edison spot and I do not know if they are affiliated by ownership or in name only.

              I will say on the <> food forums, there are a few posts recommending Harold's in Edison and their cheesecakes.

              1. re: fourunder

                Thanks for the clarification fourunder. It is my understanding that "Harold" only owns and operates the Edison location.

          2. I only go for the take out Dr. Browns. (goes good with takeout from nearby Cinnamon (Parsippany))

            1. Agree with many of the other posts...stick with the one in Edison...have visited many times...left stuffed...with many of leftovers...haven't had a bad meal there....can't go wrong with a pickle bar.....

              1. Harold Jaffe owns and operates the Harolds Deli Edison location, and does very well....much better than the Parsippany location which has changed owners several times

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                  correct, and Harold has always been right behind the hostess stand every time I've been there (about 5 times in the last few years) , Edison location; it's part of the Holiday Inn in the Raritan Center business complex. Harold is unbelievably nice, so personable. He used to be one of the proprieters of the Carnegie deli in the 1980's

                  I was just there last week, had a great pastrami.
                  Love their pickle bar!! (great fresh rye bread, and great health salad, etc)