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Dec 4, 2007 01:05 PM

Dining in Cerritos

Wife & I will be going to a Marachi show at the Cerritos Center this weekend w/another couple.......any suggestions? Mexican would be nice, but not a requirement.


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  1. Although a chain, Wood Ranch is great and right across the street. For Mexican, Don Jose is another good small chain. I recommend the chile colorado.

    Wood Ranch Cerritos LP
    12801 Towne Center Dr, Cerritos, CA 90703

    Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant
    11805 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701

    1. I don't think there's much in the way of good Mexican in Cerritos. Norwalk might have some decent holes-in-the-wall, but I'm not very familiar with the city.

      IMHO your best bet is Indian food on Pioneer Blvd., or maybe Chinese (Sam Woo and Macau Street seem to be the two places my family likes the most ATM (the former is at the corner of South and Pioneer, the latter just a few feet further west)). The two places Oh Robin mentioned are pretty good too - I think Wood Ranch is one of the better chains out there. Or you can try Arté Café (also in the Towne Center, not far from Wood Ranch BBQ), which may be very good but my last two visits were disappointing (that was a few years ago). Also, there's El Rocoto for Peruvian food, over on South and Gridley. I'm not a big fan - I think it's decent, but not great - but my friends seem to love that place.

      1. Sorry to say, but if you attempt to dine at any of the restaurants the evening of the performance, you'll be greeted with plenty of long lines. Your best bet is to head east on South Street, just past the Cerritos border, where you'll find a few restaurants in La Palma. (Right before Valley View). Nationals Sport Grill, Marie Calendars, Panda Inn, and El Torito. Just a suggestion.

        1. Don't know which way your coming into Cerritos from. But if you'll be passing through or near Bellflower there's a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that has been there for many many years called Nachos Mexican Food (not a chain) @ 9834 Flower St (562) 867-8582. Use to live right around the corner from it and ate there quite often. A neighborhood favorite. The food was very good back then and since it's still in business I'm guessing not much has changed. I say hole in the wall, but off to the side where you enter and order at the counter is a rather large dining area as well as some tables in the main entrance area. We much prefer non-chain Mexican restaurants as the food tends to be much more authentic. And the Cerritos Center (Performing Arts?) is just short drive east either on the 91 Fwy or Artesia Blvd.