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Dec 4, 2007 12:57 PM

ISO Saturday lunch near the Museum of Art

We will be in Philadelphia on Sat Dec 29th to go to the Barnes Foundation and the Renoir exhibit. We are looking for a place to have a nice lunch. My sister says she needs a good glass of red wine to fortify her between museums. TIA

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  1. I suggest you make a reservation right now to have lunch at the Art Museum. It's a lovely room, a nice lunch, and you won't have to repark the car.
    There is really nothing great that is walking distance of either place.

    1. Staying at the Art Museum would also be my choice. It really is lovely, and the food is decent. I think they serve wine, but not 100% sure about that.
      If you do want to drive, London serves a nice lunch (with wine), but it's a bit far to walk.

      1. I'll add a third to that. Weighing convenience, culinary quality and lessened hassle of reparking, the Art Museum fare is the best value. And, if a nice day, a walk through the Perelman and the Rodin is an excellent excuse to seek refortification in the late afternoon up on nearby Fairmount Avenue, or thereabouts.

        1. Be sure to eat at the Museum Restaurant, not one of the cafes. The museum cafe is passable and has wine but eat there only if really pressed for time. Check the museum dining options at . The London Grill is good for lunch but stick to the regular menu. My wife and I enjoy lunch there when in the area though there are other good places, too, a little farther from the museum.

          1. With such a unanimous reply I made reservations at the Museum restaurant. Thanks for the advice. I wish we had more time to sample the joys of Philadelphia.