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Dec 4, 2007 12:08 PM

Suvganiyot (Hannukah jelly Donuts) Where to find?

Hey everyone,

Where can I get suvganiyot, the little jelly donuts that are traditionally served during Hannukah around here? The Butcherie has them, but they're not too good. Any place that has them warm would be super preferable!

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  1. Here's last year's minimal thread on the topic, which appears to be the only mention of them on this board in the past ten years (if Search is to be trusted...):

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    1. Bodavi's is selling them.. quickly. $2 a piece in four (count them) four flavors - raspberry jelly, chocolate, cream and something else. They are definitely better than The Butcherie's. Jelly Donut munchkins taste better than the either of the others though. (We got to try all three types tonight at a Chanukah party.)

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          On Comm Ave, just east of Centre St.

          Cheryl Ann's also has them for the first time this year. They had signs up saying that you had to pre-order them, though.