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Dec 4, 2007 12:06 PM

Trader Joe's Pre made pizza dough trouble

We bought a TJ's wheat pizza dough to make indian pizza with. We rolled it out to 12" on a floured surface, let it sit for 20 min., then put the ingredients on, baked on a stone at 425 for 10 min. all as per instructions. Well, after 10 min. the dough was still really chewy past the bottom layer that was on the stone, tasted uncooked. I raised the temp to 475 and put it back in for 8 more minutes, same result only hotter. Not sure if we should use a different method or if that's as good as it gets with this dough.

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  1. I find that I get best results if I mostly pre-bake the dough. Also, you have to pre-heat your stone for a really long time to get it good and hot. Seriously, like at least half an hour. If the stone is super hot and you pre-cook the dough about 1/2 of the way, you'll get much better results. Also be sure to go light on the sauce. Without a true pizza oven, most home pizza makers overload on sauce and toppings and it makes the pizza too wet.

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      After reading rockandrooler's post I actually think we put too much sauce. We do go very heavy on the sauce but have never had a problem using pre made shells. Pre baking should help then. Thanks!

      Any more pizza making tips are welcome!

    2. I find that oven-baking pizza dough takes much longer than 10 minutes... it's usually half an hour, at least.

      When we make pizza, we just throw it on the grill. I think the grill gets hotter than the oven and is more direct under the dough so it cooks very quickly (like, 5 minutes per side). I love TJ's pizza dough, though, because it's so convenient and it tastes pretty good.

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        Half and hour!?! It takes me 6 minutes. Hottest oven possible and on a stone. But never more than 6 minutes.

        ETA: Not TJs. My own. But still . . . .

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          Even with toppings? I find that if I put toppings on pizza dough, it takes way too long in the oven to get the "top" of the dough cooked. That's why I do it on the grill. One side gets cooked, flipped, toppings added, then the bottom is cooked.

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            Even with toppings! Although I don't usually overdo it in that category. For me, the chewy crust is the star; all the rest are walk-ons.

      2. I too often have this problem with the TJs crust. I find that pre-baking almost all the way done is the way to go, then adding the toppings.

        1. Ha, I just logged on to research TJ's pizza dough & lo & behold, here it is! I practiced making the pizza just this evening for my daughter's "baking" birthday party next week. I didn't use a stone but rather the air bake cookie sheet. Boy did it take forever. I too came to the conclusion that the dough must be pre baked much like refrigerated pie crusts. I guess I just didn't want to go thru the trouble of making the dough with yeast, warm water, letting it rise, etc., etc.... I was hoping to have some easy pre made dough so that the 8/9 year olds can just roll it out, put toppings & bake. Also have cookies on the agenda.

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            An air-bake cookie sheet is about the worst choice in this case - they do not get hot enough (that's why this style is praised for preventing cookies' getting too brown on the bottom). I have no baking stone - so when I want some bottom heat, like for fruit pie - I put a regular, heavy cookie sheet upside down on the oven rack before preheating the oven. Then I put whatever sheet has the food on atop the preheated sheet. This way the bottom gets higher, more even and sustained heat.

          2. I crank the oven up to about 500 and let my stone preheat, never had too much of a problem.