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Dec 4, 2007 11:52 AM

New Years Dinner Rec's in Portland?

Just dined at Caiola's for the first time this past Saturday and was blown away. I'm leaning towards going back for New Years but I don't want to limit myself. That being said, italian food would have to be left off the list of potential choices. I would also rule out the usual suspects on Fore St, 555, Cinque Terre etc. Any suggestions beyond that for a great dining experience? Any decent restaurants for a good steak or should I stick with Caiola's again. I'd like to keep the entree prices somewhere in the $15-$25 range but its not a major concern.

Thanks Fellow Hounds!

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  1. If it ain't broke...Caiola's is always solid...
    Good for big groups or the small budget:
    Whenever I go with friends on NYE for dinner, I try to keep cost in mind( we like to spurlge on nice bubbles for the midnight toast.)Pepperclub offers a 3(or is it four???) course meal for veg and meat eaters alike- $25. Dinner is good, lively, casual, atmosphere and not too expensive.

    Otherwise, when it's just me and mine, we do Hugo's(chef's tasting menu) or 555.

    1. Thanks Bunnyfood!

      Anybody have feedback on David's??

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        I've eaten at David's a number of times (both lunch and dinner) and always had a great meal. They serve a set menu that always pleases a wide range of tastes. Their menu is organized between Simply Prepared and Creatively Prepared, which we've found works well for all types of eaters.

      2. I don't know if they're doing anything special, but for general festive atmosphere and great food, I'd go to Local 188.