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Dec 4, 2007 11:45 AM

Salad King - still OK?

Haven't been back to Salad King since I moved from Toronto in 2004.
Do they still make the most amazing golden tofu curry ever??
Do they still close between Christmas and New Years? Please someone say no!
Otherwise I will have to go straight from the airport to have it!

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  1. I'm not sure of their holiday hours, but I dropped by there last week for a quick lunch. The food is still tasty, though I don't go there often enough to comment on their quality over the years.

    1. I've only gone in the last year or so, but I was generally very unimpressed with the food and even worse was the service. I was told (not asked) that my appetizers would come after my entree, and that's just the way things were to be. Now, I don't really care all that much about things like that, but the way the information was conveyed to me was downright rude and abrupt. The green curry was a thin, pale, ugly, unbalanced mess with little flavour other than chillies. There was no hints of lemongrass, galangal, coriander, or any of the things that make a Thai curry what it is. Satays were decent, as were the ice creams. The noodle dish we had was positively vile; it tasted of rancid shrimp. I don't like shrimp, so I thought it might have been just me, but my husband loves it, and he deemed the dish inedible after one bite.

      I've heard that it used to be better, so if you're going in expecting 2004 quality, you may well be disappointed. People like it because it offers a cheap and predictable lunch experience, but I can't imagine anyone making a special trip to go there. I consider it the Spring Rolls of Thai cuisine.

      Toronto finally has some good Thai restaurants. Why not give them a try? Mengrai Thai is excellent, and from the sounds of it (I have yet to try, but I'm enthusiastic from all I've heard), Ivory Thailand seems like a winner.

      1. suprising question. are we talking about the same Salad King? The one I know is around Yonge and Dundas, fully packed during luch and dinner and tastewise - nothing worth to say.

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          That's the one. Some people rave about it but in my book Salad King has never been OK (except for the prices).

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            I agree. My wife and I were there in July 2007 and did not love it. More a trendy place for the 20ish crowd than a realt chowhound find.

        2. If you're looking for the latest greatest Thai food in Toronto near that area, I strongly suggest as I believe Vorpal has also, that you try Mengrai. Amazing food, excellent service, no... rush... at... all..., lovely room.

          82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

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            My husband and I ate at Mengrai tonight; I love the little tables, surrounded by padded benches, in the back alcove. Very cosy. Food was excellent. So, is their "authentic" pad thai really what it tastes like in Thailand? More fishy, and also more interesting flavour. Everything was excellent. Thanks to those who have recommended the place. It wasn't half-full on a Friday night, so I am urging everyone to head on out there!!!

            1. re: Full tummy

              I think it's about time Vorpal posted that Mengrai review he's been promising us. No pressure though. ;-)

          2. After being disappointed and nauseated by many of the alternate Thai picks gleaned right from this board, I think I've zeroed in on why Salad KIng satisfies me where others don't: turnover, combined with a comparably brief menu.

            Seriously, I encourage anyone to walk by Salad King during the dinner and lunch hours of any day. The lineup is spilling out the door, which anyone savvy about eating out should know is a good indicator of freshness. How many times have you folks entered a vacant dining room and sat down to a good meal? My record is pretty shameful, and I always use it as a guide to where money should be spent.

            Salad King is inconsistent, yes, and maybe even a bit inauthentic (horrors!). But I'll take it over most every other tacky and underperforming room in the city.

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            1. re: SxCx

              What does "authentic" really mean anyways....if you enjoy the food, go for it. And totally agree with your assessment that a busy place usually equates to food freshness.

              That said, I've been very disappointed with the quality of service at the Salad King and I avoid it for that reason.

              1. re: T Long

                My issue with authenticity is that so many Thai restaurants don't even try to prepare dishes like they appear in Thailand, but still describe themselves as authentic on their sign, menus, self-ascribed descriptions, etc. For example, the Friendly Thai claims to serve authentic Thai and Malaysian food. I can tell you that there's not much that's authentic about ketchup in pad thai, and their Malaysian food is an insult to Malaysian cuisine. The term is bandied around to the point of being completely meaningless, which I don't find is the case nearly so much with other styles of cooking.

                But I do agree. If you like it, eat it. Authentic does not necessarily equate to good, unless you're looking for a specific experience (which I am when it comes to Thai food). The key to a good meal is well prepared food with fresh, quality ingredients. I find that perhaps Salad King uses fresh ingredients, but their food is very poorly prepared. If you've had a good Thai meal, you can clearly tell the difference between that and what Salad King serves.

                1. re: vorpal

                  Hi Vorpal: Thx for this...well stated.

                  1. re: T Long

                    I must admit I'm surprised at the vehemence that Salad King is now attracting. I find their takeout is still remarkable value and tasty. Still my 'go to' place around the Eaton centre.
                    And Linda's (upstairs) is still my first place to visit when returning to Toronto. Great food (but nowhere near as cheap as Salad King - and uses the same kitchen).
                    No - it's not my "thing" to eat communally, so I rarely visit Salad King for a sitdown meal anymore - but the last time I did (about 6 months ago) I got a very respectable meal with fresh ingredients, including beer for under $30 for two. If people know something better, please let me know (haven't tried Mengrai yet, but it's not really in the same area - maybe 15-20 minutes by public transit).

                    1. re: estufarian

                      Mengrai is 10 minutes at most if walking from Yonge & Dundas. If you took the Queen car from Yonge the ride is less than 5 min. It is well, well worth the extra wee bit of time. Nothing against Salad King. Just think Mengrai is fantastic.

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                        I think that restaurants like Salad King are lowering the bar for what Torontonians should expect and deserve when it comes to good Thai food. They're doing what Spring Rolls has done for Asian food in general, and what McDonald's has done for hamburgers and fries: they've brought, IMO, a quick, affordable, but less enjoyable experience to the masses. I suppose I feel about the issue as I do because well prepared Thai food is really a joy beyond words to eat, and frankly, I want other people to *know* that joy and understand why I am as passionate about Thai food as I am. Salad King may be an acceptable and relatively healthy choice for a fast meal for many, but if you've come to associate it with good Thai food, you've settled for less-than-mediocrity and are denying yourself of the bliss that Thai can bring.

                        I speculate that this is why Torontonians, in my experience, have less of a proclivity to Thai food than other cities that I've lived in. In Ottawa and DC, people seemed more excited about Thai, from what I saw, and with good reason. Here, the general attitude towards it is more subdued.

                        Have you tried Ivory Thailand yet? It's quite a bit closer, location-wise, to Salad King (on Church where the old Young Thailand was). I can't speak personally on it, but I will try it soon and I have high hopes given what I've heard on here so far.

                    2. re: vorpal

                      I agree that Salad King is not 100% authentic, in fact Linda is a Thai fusion as they mention in the website. FYI, Salad King does not use ketchup in their pad thai. I think the food at Salad King is reasonable, especially with its 'food court' price point, although it has been going downhill for quite a while. It is set up like a fast food joint with communal tables, people eat and leave. If you see the line up at Salad King, you will see at least 95% of the people agree on this, do they go there looking for authentic food ? mostly not. I would rather spend my $10 at Salad King than at Made in Japan !

                      1. re: skylineR33

                        I'm sure that 95% of the people in line at McDonald's and Spring Rolls also feel the same way about those restaurants. Good for them and I'm glad they're enjoying themselves; at the same time, if that becomes their idea of what constitutes a meal of burger and fries / Asian food / Thai food, then I can't help but feel that they're depriving themselves.

                        1. re: vorpal

                          I don't feel people are depriving themselves. Just like Tim Horton, Mcdonald, Hero, they are places for quick meal, coffee. Do people at Tim Horton think it is the best coffee ? Some yes, some no.

                          1. re: skylineR33

                            I can't compare to coffee as I don't drink it, but if someone told me that they thought that McDonald's served up the best hamburger, I'd be very sad for them.

                            Looks like we'll just have to disagree on this one.

                            1. re: vorpal

                              Actucally I think McDonald serves the best fish burger among Burger King, Harvey, etc. And I also enjoy my meal at Splendido and the foie gras burger I had at Robuchon.