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Dec 4, 2007 11:36 AM

Boston Wine Expo discounts?

Has anyone seen any dicount passwords for the wine expo this year? The Globe usually has somthing but I haven't seen one this year.

I posted here rather than the wine forum because it was Boston related.

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  1. did you ever find a discount code? Please let me know if you did

    1. It was in the link included in the "Clio chocolate deal" post.

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      1. re: Joanie

        Thanks but the wife wanted to go on Sat. I bit the bullit and paid full price.

        1. re: harpoonipa1967

          for others looking to go on Sat or Sun, the code GLOBE will get you $10 off before Feb 1.

      2. I read your responses and someone had recommended driving a bit South to a Boutigue Hotel perhaps in the Newport area, that specialized in Wine Pairings with Gourmet Dinners and even offered their website. I am new to this so forgive my lack of knowlegde for searching the archives.
        Thanking you in advance for you assistance ..

        1. Anyone have an update for 2009? The expo is a bit earlier this year, but I haven't found anything thus far.

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          1. re: chevrelove

            If you're on the Globe's Ticketwatch mailing list, a discount link went out a while ago.

            1. re: chevrelove

              They've had the discount info in the Globe for a few days now.

              I guess no discount on Saturday again.

              1. re: C. Hamster

                Is a day at the wine expo worth 60$? I have never been before.

            2. Any discount codes for Boston Wine Expo 2010?

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              1. re: kingrmking

                The only thing I have seen is $5 off your Saturday, Sunday or Two Day tickets
                now through Janaury 4 when you use promo code WINEBAG when purchasing your tickets online. You will also receive a complimentary Boston Wine Expo Wine Bag with your order. Last year the Globe was giving $10 off discount codes but not this year...

                1. re: Blizo

                  EXTRAS will give you a $20 discount