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Dec 4, 2007 11:33 AM

Butcher Shops in and around Stamford?

Are there any still around where you can get a good piece of meat?

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  1. In the surrounding towns Jfood can recommend (in order of preference):

    1 – Scott’s Corner Market in the Scott’s Corner Section of Pound Ridge. They have several butcher on staff to custom cut very good meats
    2 – The Food Emporium in New Canaan has a dry age fridge. The meats that they dry age are very good but not cheap
    3 – Zeytinia’s in Wilton on Route 7 in the same strip mall as Outback. They have a small butcher shop in the back with very good meats at very good prices.

    1. if you get down to rye very often, Crisfields on Purchase St. is very, very good. the Pork Store in Port Chester is good too.

      In Stamford proper... not much. the new Shop rite at Exit 6 actually has butchers in the morning who know what they are talking about - Much more so than at most supermarkets, at least. I've found some pretty good meat there at a decent price. But, like all markets, they are limited in the cuts they can get to you, as they can't special order anything that isn't already on their supply lists. And, if you are looking for aged prime meats, you won't get them there.

      I go to Crisfield's for stuff like that.

      1. Giovanni's Market on Old Long Ridge Road has butchers and decent meat. They will custom cut and prepare, and can also do the old-style Italian cuts that you see in serious Italian cookbooks. I believe (but aren't sure of this) that they share inventory and aging with the steakhouses of the same name.

        To follow up on Adamclyde's post, Crisfield's in Rye is a great butcher. I drive there from Stamford when I need something special.

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          I used to buy meat at Giovanni's frequently, but one of the butchers (the owners' son I think?) served up such a big portion of attitude with the meat that I stopped going there. (I like to think of myself as a customer, not a supplicant.) I wouldn't say the quality is any better than the supermarket offers, but they will cut whatever and however you like and do special orders. It's certainly more convenient than going somewhere in Rye or Wilton. And they also offer knife sharpening. (I believe they send them out.)

          1. re: MommaJ

            any idea what their turnaround is on knife sharpening? or the cost?

            1. re: adamclyde

              I think it may be a week--no idea of the cost. The cramped and funky Appliance Servicecenter on Cedar Heights Rd. (next to Michelina's Pizza) also sends out knives for sharpening, also on a week turnaround (it's a great place for fixes on small appliances, lamps, and vacuum cleaners, and a very nice man runs the place). I'm loath to give up my favorite knives for a whole week, so haven't used either place.

              1. re: MommaJ

                I also would like to find a place that has more exotic types of meat like goat, oxtails etc. but I want fresh not frozen

                1. re: nbermas

                  I'm looking for a good shoulder of lamb or pork this weekend...out of those mentioned above, who is best? thx...

                  1. re: Scotty100

                    Jfood would suggest calling scott's market and ask to speak with the butcher. the jfoods are not big shoulder eaters so cannot comment on those particular cuts, but it is the ONLY place jfood buys meat and poultry..

                  2. re: nbermas


                    you'd be shocked at what you'll find at the Shop Rite in Commerce Park near Exit 6 in Stamford. A real butcher shop within the store, breaking up primal cuts. Nice quality, plus, you want exotic? How about every kind organ meat, pig maws, trotters, chicken feet, ox tails, rabbit, duck, tripe, etc. Pretty much anything you can imagine they have, and most of it is out in the case for review.

                    If you want more typical cuts, high quality, and personally cut, see Tab behind the counter, and he'll cut it for you. I used to miss having a butcher, but with this place, no real need.

                    1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                      Chefboyareme: Thanks for the tip but I am intimated for some reason by butchers. I want the best quality so when it comes to brisket what would you use? I love oxtails, goat and filet once in awhile. Do you think this is the place to get all of these and what is the tips you can give me to make sure I get the best quality piece of meat with out really knowing what to look for? I trust your opinion, thanks.

                      1. re: nbermas

                        The ShopRite off I95 Exit 6 is HUGE and has a decent supermarket selection of meat. They do have a small selection of oxtail and the like. There is a small selection of the most common Caribbean (sounds like that's what you are looking for). That store also has several "international aisles" that actually note the country of focus.

                        But Stamford isn't far from the Bronx, where oxtail abounds.

                        1. re: nbermas

                          My serious answer is don't be intimidated, and talk to the butcher, ask him for advice. As far as the high end meats in the case at SR,, I do it by sight, just looking for piece without gristle, and from the end of the cut I want most (for example, for rib-eyes, I like the "cap", so I look for the best piece in the case, for porterhouse, the biggest fillet that doesn't compromise the strip, etc. If I don't see what I like, I ask Tab, the butcher, to cut me what I want...he has no hesitation to pull out a new primal, and cut me exactly what I want. In fact, it's to the point now where he'll steer me away from something he doesn't feel good about, and point me at something he does. For the "nasty bits", just go for the cuts that look best, eg, ratio of meat to fat, etc.

                          As far as what you can get, pretty much anything at SR...though I don't recall seeing goat. Wouldn't surprise me if they do have it, though.

                          Fro brisket, I'll plead ignorance...have never done it myself.

                          1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                            thank you very much, how does it compare to Stew's for filet?

                            1. re: nbermas

                              Not a big fillet buyer, but I did look into this once. If you buy a whole fillet, they'll trim for you, just like Stews. Price is a bit higher, but as I understand from Tab, Stew's fillets are not graded, so they are usually below Choice grade, whereas SR sells Choice and certified angus, which is also not graded, but supposedly between Choice and Prime in terms of fat levels.

                              1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                                Stews filets are not worth the $5 per pound when they are on sale. They are tasteless and by the time they trim everything the are OK in price but even for that kinda money jfood wants a good filet.

                              2. re: nbermas

                                if you want pork shoulder, I agree that shoprite off of exit 6 is the best. They are pretty informed and have good prices. Get the butt roast of the shoulder. They'll have them whole, untrimmed, bone in for around $1.50 / pound.

                                For brisket, it depends on what you want. Do you want whole brisket (as in, both the point and the flat cut?)? Almost all places just sell the flat - shop rite is no different. If you want a true full brisket (they run around 10 to 12 pounds) you'll want to go down to Crisfield's in Rye. But shop rite can sell you the whole flat cut of brisket... probably runs around $3.50 a pound.

                                1. re: nbermas

                                  The problem with Stew's meats is the water content. It goes from vacpak to the shelf too quickly. You need to get the water out of it, but once you do it is quite good.

                                  I wrap their meat in paper towels and store in a cold part of the fridge for a couple of days. This will wick off a lot of the water and drastically improve taste and texture. Of course, you also paid for all that water, so the price per pound after you've dried it out comes back closer to the other sources.

                                  I actually do this for almost all the red meats I buy. Burgers made from fridge-aged round or chuck and ground at home are a revelation.

                                  Also, don't waste your money on prime cut for filet. Fat content (which is the only factor is separating prime from choice) is much less important in filet than in other cuts, and preparation far outweighs meat quality. Save it for cuts that matter.

                    2. re: MommaJ

                      just for your info, the son is not there anymore

                    1. re: missmar79

                      the regular beef that stews sells barely qualifies as meat but someone told jfood that their prime stuff is pretty good.

                      1. re: missmar79

                        Yes, Stew's does dry age, and like jfood my experiences with their prime beef have been good.

                        1. re: wookiedoodle

                          just to be clear, jfood has not eaten the prime stuff at stews and will not buy the regular.

                          He only goes to scotts corner market in pound ridge for his beef.

                          1. re: wookiedoodle

                            does stew's really dry age? I wouldn't have thought...

                        2. Giovanni's is good, friendly and will order anything you're looking for that is out of the ordinary.
                          I too can be intimidated by a butcher but once I show interest in learning and try to come somewhat prepared for what I need they were absolutely great. Worked with Larry.
                          Giovanni's Country Market
                          105 Old Long Ridge Rd
                          Stamford, CT 06903
                          (203) 322-2202

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                            new artisanal butcher in westport ct is tremenedous