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Dec 4, 2007 11:19 AM

Chart House Seafood ?

-or Arthur's Landing in Weehawken: ever been? Like it? Other local preferances

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  1. haven't been to chart house but arthur's landing has become pretty solid. New chef, new menu, revamped, stuff like that.

    1. the chart house is a chain and performs as such. Arthur's Landing strikes me as a vanity project. the food still is not up to NYC standards (regardless of various reports to the contrary) to my mind, but honestly, the view can't be beat, and it's a nice place overall. head and shoulders above the chart house without question.

      for serious seafood look for places without a serious view of the water.

      1. I live in NY and will be in NJ for dinner, thought dinner in New Jersey with a view of the city is a good compromise. Any other recommendations: Edgewater? Jersey City?