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Jun 12, 2006 12:51 PM


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Has anyone been recently and what would you order? Going for bday dinner and very excited as the reviews on other websites are great....

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  1. The chocolate bread pudding at Frascati is one of my favorite desserts in the city. Have them stick a candle in it!

    1. I was there a few weeks ago and have been probably 15 times. The bread pudding is incredible. For mains, they usually do duck and pork chops very well. The menu changes often.

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        We went last night and our food was out of this world. They did a fantastic decadent risotto (with melted leeks, mushrooms) topped with a great piece of filet mignon. We also had the signature gnocchi appetizer, which is made with truffle oil, fava beans, peas, and maybe carrots, and is great. They do brussel sprouts with parmesean, capers, and olive oil, just great. And can't forget the dark chocolate bread pudding, which put us over the top, and is definitely a dish to share. My husband loved his pork chop.

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          i had that gnocchi a couple weeks ago. it really is fantastic. every time i go to frascatti, i always get the gnocchi. no matter what their seasonal take is, it is always flawless.

          i also had the scallop risotto, which was slightly less exciting than the perfect gnocchi, but still extremely tasty. my dad had the chartucerie (sp!) platter and the sardines, and pronounced both dishes to be truly excellent as well. frascatti is definetely a gem.

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        1. I don't really understand how brussels sprouts, which are pretty robust little veggies, could get overpowered by some capers and shaved parmesan, frankly. It sounds pretty good to me, though easy to do at home if you're inclined.

          I've only been once and really enjoyed Frascati. The service was outstanding, the wine list was interesting and not too expensive and the food was way above average.

          We tried the gnocchi too, which were light, but had a nice bite to them and perfectly sauced (I think the sauce changes with the seasons) and a wonderful roasted duck breast with nice, crisp skin.

          The space is comfortable and intimate and a perfect place to celebrate a birthday (or an engagement as we did)!