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Dec 4, 2007 10:59 AM

Miss Shirley's in Baltimore: Good but...

so expensive!

I took my brother Lurker W. there yesterday after we tried to go to Cafe Hon but it was at an odd hour and CH was closed.

Anyway, we got two small apps, two sandwiches, and two coffees. With tax y tip, $52.

And yet, the place is so popular that there's a long enclosed awning outside to help keep those waiting in line (for brunch, I guess) somewhat warm.

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  1. Yes, it is pricey, but the ingredients and presentation are top-notch. I think it's more of a splurge than an everyday kind of place.

    My husband and I had breakfast there last week to celebrate my birthday. I had two eggs over easy, applewood bacon, creamy cheese grits and a biscuit, which was a bargain at $7.99. My husband had the Greek omelet with has browns. We split the fried green tomatoes and had a hot cider each. The tab was $32 pre-tip, and worth every penny.