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Dec 4, 2007 10:38 AM

Cerveza Nochebuena, San Diego or Mendocino

Has anyone seen Nochebuena in San Diego? It a Christmas beer from Mexico and only produced at this time of year. I've had it a few times and enjoy it. I'm traveling to Mendocino this year and would perfer not to have to fly with it, but will if it's my only option. Does anyone know 1) if Nochebuena is even imported into the U.S. and 2) if it is, where might I find a 6-pack in San Diego, Granite Bay or Ft. Bragg/Mendocino. TIA

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  1. Noche Buena is available all over SD around Xmas. Try BevMo, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms or any good liquor store for that matter.

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    1. re: deckape

      Thank you. I'll be in the vicinity of a BevMo tonight. Sounds like it's time to stop and shop.

      1. re: DiningDiva

        I dont think you would find it up here - I have a hard time tracking even Carta Blanca and Bohemia in Sonoma County!

        1. re: kare_raisu

          Ehrm...and why would you want to? :-)

          Have you tried any of the Russian River or Anderson Valley brews?

          1. re: Josh

            RR Brewing Company is my Sat night hang out!

    2. where are you flying into? There is a BevMo in Santa Rosa, which is right on your way to Mendocino if flying into SF. (and I am sure there is also probably more than one in Sacramento somewhere, which is near Granite Bay assuming you mean the Granite Bay at Folsom). For kare raisu: hard to believe they don't have Carta Blanca or Bohemia at BevMo: have you looked there?

      Beer and flying just sounds like a lot of hassle, and a potential more than hassle if it breaks in your luggage. (and of course you can't carry it on, will have to check it). Is it really that great?

      I'd look in the one of the BevMo's up North. (or as Josh says, try a local brew if you can't find it, and stock up on the NocheBuena to enjoy when you get back.)

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      1. re: susancinsf

        We're flying into Sacto. The purpose of wanting it for Xmas was so that my BIL and nephew could enjoy it too. Flying with weird and wacky stuff is second nature to me, and, other than a tin of Italian tuna leaking (REALLY stinky) I've not had too much difficulty with stuff breaking. The 22# prime rib cost me some excess baggage fees...

      2. did you ever find any Noche Buena? I have been to Vons, Ralphs, and the Mission valley BevMo in the last week and no one has had it.