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Dec 4, 2007 10:23 AM

Turducken in Seattle?

Anyone know any reputable online sources or places to get a decent whole turducken for the holidays locally? I know it's a regional thing, so maybe getting one sent over is the way to go?

No, I won't be going the "build your own turducken route"...

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  1. Don and Joe's made one for me for $20 plus the cost of the birds.

    1. We had one a few years ago for thanksgiving, but I think we just went to a meat shop or butcher and asked them to build us one? I'm trying to was a while ago, so I can't tell you where. It might have just been like the QFC meat counter...but ask around. If someone knows what they're doing with poultry, I get the idea that it is not that hard...

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        I ordered one on line from a place in New Orleans last year. Turned out fine.

        You could check w/ A&J on QA, they are great. The trick is not the butchering, it is the sausage and stuffing that is supposed to go between the layers. I bet they would do a good job.

        However, I just happen to see one in the QFC freezer yesterday, just waiting for someone to take it home. - says it is from N.O. Looked worthy.

      2. University Poultry has them for $7/lb.