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Dec 4, 2007 10:22 AM

Pac Bell Park - early Sunday lunch- party of ten

Like rin, I am trying to find a restaurant that is easy walking distance to the Cirque de Soleil. Nothing too complicated as the performance starts at !:00. Brunch would work too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. TownsEnd is a nice place to eat over that way, SouthBeach Cafe is good too

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    1. re: Lightsuprooms

      Thanks for the quick reply. Both of those sound promising.

    2. there is also Delancey Street and Crossroads....

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      1. re: chutney

        D. Streeet is excellent too.. how could I forget that?

      2. It's your "party of 10" that makes it harder. Town's end is great but there's always a wait. If they can give you a reservation (not sure if they take them weekends) you're good. Same with south beach cafe. food is really good but it's small. Delancey street is large enough but I had trouble getting a sunday reservation for a large party. Both 21st amendment and Tres agaves are large and do brunch and aren't normally considered "brunch" spots. They might come in handy if you can't get in to the other places.

        1. If you are interested in Japanese style food, I recommend Nobu, same street/side as Pac Bell, going towards the Caltrain station, they are on the corner of an alley.

          I don't know if they are open on Sundays for lunch, I am unable to find them on the internet.

          Sushi Bar with traditional and contemporary sushi, large group area, cooked food, wine/sake and beer.

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            I think the name of the place you're referring to is Nama. I'm pretty sure it's not open Sunday, though.

          2. Acme Chophouse is also a common recommendation down there. It's about as uncomplicated as it comes, straight forward meat and potatoes and common sides. Will set you back a fair amount though, about $25–$55 an entree. Quality is great. Check their web to see for yourself.

            By the way, it hasn't been called Pac Bell Park for a few years. Try searching AT&T Park for more recent threads and recos.

            Acme Chop House
            24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107