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Dec 4, 2007 10:21 AM

Korean short rib soup help

There's a newly opened Korean market that has flanken style short ribs on sale at $1.98 per pound. I'd like to make an soup similar to an oxtail soup. Is the method the same? I usually either soak or briefly boil the meat to remove the blood and follow with a slow long simmer with garlic and ginger. I've never actually had short rib soup so any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I wouldn't add any ginger to get the flavour of the oxtail soup. If you want it to be similar to that I would definitely omit it. I soak the bones overnight in water, changing it a few times, then I boil the bones. When the water comes to a boil, I throw the water out and then start over again. You want to boil the soup for at LEAST 12 hours. No kidding.......some even boil the soup for 24 hours.

    now when I make oxtail soup I don't add any seasonings whatsoever. no salt, no pepper, no garlic, nothing. When I am getting ready to serve the soup, I add salt, peper, sliced green onion, and some gochugaru to my bowl and then ladle in the soup. I also like to freeze up large batches and use it for making rice cake soup or mandoo soup.

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      Thanks! Would I use this same method for the short rib soup? Soak, boil, throw out water, then simmer? No seasonings as well?

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        yep, I'd do the same with short ribs....then it's called seollangtang. Remember to save the meat and shred it and add it to your soup.

        The no seasonings thing is from personal preference. It's also done the same way in korean restaurants, where you season your own broth at the table. At seollangtang restaurants or oxtail soup restaurants they have little containers of: salt, pepper, msg, and a sludgey mixture of gochugaru + water to add to your soup. If you want to be really country, you can even season your soup with rice and kimchi juice. I always add rice to my soup....kimchi juice I do once in a while.

        like I said, stay away from the ginger, cause that's not authentic korean.

        I love korean bone soups, cause they are so easy and simple to make and require barely any ingredients.

        in conclusion:
        1. make sure you soak the meat,
        2. change the water a few times so it isn't so cloudy/bloody,
        3. boil them once, throw out water, then boil again for a minimum of 12 hours

        season the soup with garlic and s&p if you want, I'm just telling you how my family and I make it (:
        one of the reasons why we don't season with salt, is bc we reduce the soup stock a lot as we make a lot of it and it's always on the stove. This way it won't be so salty.

        good luck (:

    2. i know you said you'd like to make a soup similar to oxtail soup, but why not try kalbi tang? its a little more complex flavor-wise as it contains soy sauce, garlic and sugar. my mom makes this all the time and it really hits the spot on cold winter nights.

      just google "kalbi tang".