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Dec 4, 2007 10:04 AM

Lunch in Hoboken

I know this has been asked before several times, but I couldn't find anything more recent than 2004. Anyway, looking for some quick lunch spots. Tried Luca Brasi's which was very good. Any ideas?

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  1. Lisa's on 9th and Park Avenue makes excellent hot and cold sandwiches. It is a take out place. You can call in your order and go in and pick it up.

    1. La Isla (104 Washington) for fantastic Cuban- do not miss the black beans and yellow rice. Sushi House (155 1st St.) for very good/fresh sushi lunch specials. Luca Brasi's (100 Park) for great sandwiches w/fresh mozzarella.

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        Thanks. We tried La Isla for cuban sandwiches on friday and they were delicious. I'll probably give sushi house a try some time this week.