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Second Annual Ultimate Seattle Restaurant Poll (2007)

Last year was the first year we did this poll on the Seattle board (props to Mr. Grub on the LA board who gets royalties for his idea) and it was a great success with 37 responses. Here is a link to last years results http://www.chowhound.com/topics/353349 . Hopefully this year we can have even more responses to make the list even more comprehensive. So here’s the deal, rate your top five, and only five restaurants in the Seattle area that you would recommend to a friend visiting Seattle, looking for a memorable dining experience. The scoring will go 5 points for a first place vote, 4 for a second place vote, 3 for a third place vote, 2 for a fourth place vote and one for a fifth place vote. I'll set the deadline for voting to be Dec. 20th. After that I will publish the results. For the moderators, this is not a chowhound sanctioned poll. I will start off with my top five.

1. Lark
2. Green Leaf
3. Harvest Vine
4. Palace Kitchen
5. Malay Satay Hut

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  1. 1. Boat Street
    2. Union
    3. Lark
    4. Palace Kitchen
    5. Portage

    1. This is always fun!

      1. Green Leaf
      2. Malay Satay Hut
      3. Kisaku
      4. Szechuan Chef
      5. Paseo

      1. 1. Matt's in the Market
        2. Palace Kitchen
        3. Market Grill
        4. Pair
        5. Old Town Alehouse

        1. 1. Seven Stars Peppers
          2. Dahlak
          3. Shun
          4. Old Village Korean Restaurant
          5. Volterra

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          1. re: dagoose

            1. Sitka and Spruce
            2. Crush
            3. Boat Street
            4. Lark
            5. Matt's

          2. 1. Green Leaf
            2. Harvest Vine
            3. Crush
            4. Yea's Wok
            5. Flying Fish

            1. 1. Pho Bac
              2. Dinette
              3. Harvest Vine
              5. Serious Pie
              4. Tamarind Tree

              1. Boat Street
                La Gourmand
                Tamarind Tree

                1. 1. Mistral
                  2. Salumi
                  3. Veil
                  4. Union
                  5. Samurai

                  1. Volterra (for Brunch)
                    Ray's Boathouse (for the View)
                    Cascadia (for the HH)
                    Honeyhole (for Lunch)
                    Shucker's (for Northwest style fish and scallops)

                    1. 1.Samurai Noodle
                      3. Lark
                      4. Szechuan Chef
                      5. Via Tribunali

                      1. 1) Café Presse
                        2) Harvest Vine
                        3) Via Tribunale
                        4) Jack’s Tapas Cafe Mainly Chinese
                        5) Green Leaf

                        1. 1. Sitka & Spruce
                          2. Boat Street
                          3. La Carta Oaxaoca
                          4. Cafe Presse
                          5. Quinn

                          1. 1. Harvest Vine
                            2. Rover's
                            3. Cafe Juanita
                            4. Le Gourmand
                            5. Zoe

                            1. dagrassroots, What a great tradition! Mulled wine, decorating the tree and voting on our favorite Seattle area Chowhound destinations. Here's my fav 5:

                              1. Harvest Vine
                              2. Seven Stars
                              3. La Gourmand
                              4. Il Terrazo Carmine
                              5. Salumi

                              1. 1. Union
                                2. Harvest Vine
                                3. Tamarind Tree
                                4. Szechuan Chef
                                5. Kisaku

                                Props to dagrassroots once again.

                                1. 1. Union
                                  2. Salumi
                                  3. Volterra
                                  4. Zoe
                                  5. Green Leaf

                                  1. Mistral
                                    Chiang's Gourmet
                                    Cucina De Ra

                                    1. 1. Green Leaf
                                      2. Cafe Campagne
                                      3. Paseo
                                      4. Pair
                                      5. Volterra

                                      1. Voterra
                                        Harvest Vine
                                        Szechuan Chef
                                        Serious Pie
                                        Senor Moose

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                                        1. re: cburnsi

                                          If you like Szechuan Chef, head a bit further north to Sichuanese Cuisine -- the most authentic Sichuan flavors in the PNW. Try fish with pickled peppers; Chongqing chicken; Water-Boiled beef or fish; Ma-Po Tofu; and there is a lamb dish with cumin and coriander...the name escapes me. This is not for the faint of tongue...it is really rich and ma-la the traditional numbing spice of Sichuan. No other restaurant does it like this one.

                                        2. 1. Lark
                                          2. Tilth
                                          3. Restaurant Zoe
                                          4. Harvest Vine
                                          5. Pair

                                          1. 1. Voterra
                                            2. Cafe Campagne
                                            3. Tamarind Tree
                                            4. Restaurant Zoe
                                            5. Shucker's

                                            1. Salumi
                                              Elemental at Gasworks
                                              Green Leaf

                                              1. 1. Lark
                                                2. Harvest Vine
                                                3. La Carta de Oaxaca
                                                4. Steelhead Diner
                                                5. People's Pub (love those fried pickles!!!)

                                                1. 1. Cremant
                                                  2. Harvest Vine
                                                  3. Lark
                                                  4. Crow
                                                  5. Via Tribunali

                                                  1. 1-UNION
                                                    and just for fun
                                                    1-CAFE BESALU
                                                    2-LE FOURNIL
                                                    3-NORTH HILL BAKERY
                                                    4-BAKERY NOUVEAU
                                                    5-60TH STREET DESSERTS

                                                    1. Union
                                                      Green Leaf
                                                      Quinn's (despite it's being so new)
                                                      Sea Garden (for the dungeness crab in black bean sauce alone)

                                                      but there are a few new places I've not been too ... I guess, that's for next year!

                                                      1. Sichuanese Cuisine (Bellevue)
                                                        Cafe Juanita
                                                        Le Pichet

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                                                        1. re: jiaotzegirl

                                                          is this poll for SEATTLE only or are we including the eastside? might have to change my list if we are.

                                                        2. 1. Mistral
                                                          2. Restaurant Zoe
                                                          3. Cremant
                                                          4. Waterfront
                                                          5. Ototo

                                                          Really looking forward to trying Quinn's and Trellis soon!

                                                          1. 1) Volterra
                                                            2) Nishino
                                                            3) Zoe
                                                            4) La Carta de Oaxaca
                                                            5) Le Pichet

                                                            1. 1. Lark
                                                              2. Crow
                                                              3. Caffe Presse
                                                              4. Veil
                                                              5. Tilth

                                                              1. 1. Umi Sake House
                                                                2. Paseo
                                                                3. Serafina
                                                                4. Tamarind Tree
                                                                5. Betty (only been once but it was so damn good it gets my vote!!)

                                                                1. 1. Sitka & Spruce
                                                                  2. Tilth
                                                                  3. Cafe Juanita
                                                                  4. Xinh's
                                                                  5. Grinders

                                                                  1. 1. Cafe Campagne
                                                                    2. Wild Ginger
                                                                    3. Gaspare
                                                                    4. Palisade
                                                                    5. Etta's Seafood

                                                                    1. 1. Mistral
                                                                      2. Green Leaf
                                                                      3. Boat Street Cafe
                                                                      4. Seven Stars Pepper
                                                                      5. Cafe Presse

                                                                      1. 1. Boat St Cafe
                                                                        2. Union
                                                                        3. Le Pichet
                                                                        4. Lark
                                                                        5. Szechuan Chef

                                                                        So hard to keep the list at 5, and many I feel are equally good but I go there for different reasons.

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                                                                        1. re: malarkey

                                                                          "many I feel are equally good but I go there for different reasons."

                                                                          That's the whole reason I haven't been able to make a list and why I hate people who simply ask me 'Where should I go for dinner tonight?' and can't give more details and force me to play 20 questions... 'Small group? Romantic? Loud? Beer/wine or Alcohol? Short meal, long meal? Dislikes? Price limit?'

                                                                          And even then, I don't think I could rank the restaurants. I could easily name 5 'top' establishments I'd recommend, but I don't think I could compare, say, Rancho Bravo Taco Truck to Green Leaf, but I'd easily put them both near the top of the list. And then how do you throw in Skillet?

                                                                          Well, heck, lets try, even tho I hate trying to number them.

                                                                          Green Leaf
                                                                          Rancho Bravo
                                                                          Oliver's Twist

                                                                          But I can't say Rancho Bravo is better than Oliver's Twist. I mean, it's two completely different types of food. Two different environments. I don't think it is safe to compare like this. Makes me feel all icky inside =)

                                                                        2. tamarind tree
                                                                          la carta de oaxaca
                                                                          umi sake house

                                                                          1. Mondello

                                                                            1. Crow
                                                                              La Carta
                                                                              Palace Kitchen
                                                                              Le Pichet
                                                                              La Vita e Bella

                                                                              Hope to get to Quinn's and Green Leaf in the next couple of weeks!

                                                                              1. 1. Le Gourmand
                                                                                2. Paseo
                                                                                3. Elemental
                                                                                4. Salumi
                                                                                5. Le Pichet

                                                                                1. barleywino? howard1st? Only one day to go; this poll won't be the same without your imprimateur.

                                                                                  1. Not my 5 favorites of the year, but 5 I would recommend to various friends;

                                                                                    Union - for downtown
                                                                                    Rovers - for splendid French vegetarian
                                                                                    Ponti - for NW seafood
                                                                                    Palace Kitchen - for NW
                                                                                    Tamarind Tree - for Vietnamese

                                                                                    1. Lark
                                                                                      Cafe Presse
                                                                                      Cafe Besalu
                                                                                      Carta de Oaxaca
                                                                                      Via Tribunali

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                                                                                      1. re: rhoogs

                                                                                        Was there a tally? Did I miss the thread?

                                                                                          1. re: dagrassroots

                                                                                            Thanks - for the link and especially for the tally!! Interesting results that they range from high end to casual, reflecting that good food doesn't have a price tag!