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Dec 4, 2007 09:14 AM

Restaurant recommendations for Los Moches

Any recommendations for Los Moches/El Fuerte/Divisadero areas? Thanks.

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    1. This post is obviously too late to do you any good. But, for future reference, assuming you're driving or busing down to Los Mochis/El Fuerte to catch the train through the Copper Canyon, don't eat in either Los Mochis (dreadful town with dreadful restaurants) or El Fuerte (charming town with mediocre/adequate restaurants).

      Stop in Navojoa/Alamos instead. The restaurant at the Hotel del Rio in Navojoa is still as good as it was 10 years ago. And a better option is to stay and eat at Casa La Aduana in the village of Aduana, just outside Alamos. (Casa La Aduana is a 300-year-old counting house being restored by an American couple from the Bay Area). The food is very good and is included in the price of the room. And they have an excellent, reasonably priced wine list.

      1. I was just in Los Mochis this past weekend and had a great time.

        I went to El Farallon, an upscale Sinaloa style seafood restaurant.I've also been to the branch of this restaurant in Culiacan.I ordered the mignon de camaron, one of my favorite Sinaloa dishes, and had some smoked marlin tacos to start.They have a tequila cart with many selections available;I went with the Don Eduardo anejo, delicious.El Farallon is a must in Sinaloa.

        The next day we went down to Playa Maviri, an island in a non-tourist section of Topolobampo.Well, there are tourists, but they are mostly local tourists.We had an excellent pescado zarandeado along with some cervezas.I recommend a trip down to Playa Maviri.We also saw some native dancers upon crossing the bridge to this quiet and respendant island.

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          I have been living in Mazatlán for over 5 years and haven't heard of mignon de camaron or seen that on a menu. Will you describle the dish? Thanks, Dee

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            Hey MazDee.I was walking around in that nice area of town where the Guadalajara grill is located, and went to a restaurant recommended by a local right on the beach.They took a small piece of zucchini and wrapped several shrimp to form a circle and then wrapped bacon around the outside.It was covered with chihuahua cheese and I imagine baked in an oven.It resembles a filet mignon, but made of camarones.I've had this in Mazatlan, Los Mochis, and Culiacan.The version at El Farallon in Los Mochis topped the dish with sauteed mushrooms instead of cheese.It is similar to the Camarones Costa Azul:Shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped individually with bacon.

            I love this plate.It shouldn't be too hard to find, and from my experience in Sinaloa, it's quite commonplace.Happy hunting, and I hope my description helps you out.

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              Thanks! I have had the bacon-wrapped stuffed shrimp many times, and they are super. I will look for the others.