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Dec 4, 2007 08:14 AM

Where must I go in STL? Soon?

We don't get out much. Of South County, anyway. For dinner. So I like to explore for lunch.

With the closing of 40 almost on us, I (in spite of my trying to be a good citizen and do otherwise) will likely go into the city and first level burbs a lot less.

So -- Where should I make sure I hit before the closing? Inexpensive to moderately priced?

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  1. The closing of 40 doesn't really matter to me (living and working in South County.) Do you really think it'll make a difference in your life much? For restaurants south of 40, I'll just stick to 44. For restaurants north of 40 (CWE/Clayton,Westport), I'll loop around 270 to Ladue Road et al. Downtown visits won't matter as I'll use 55 North.

    1. If you are looking for a moderately priced lunch in downtown, my first choice would be 400 Olive - nice food, attentive service, and located in a refurbished 19th-Century bank lobby.

      1. Pho Grand on South Grand for Vietnamese, very inexpensive. Seamus McDaniel's 1208 Tamm Avenue in Dogtown for an excellent steak and homemade bleu cheese dressing on your salad, moderately priced.

        1. Thanks to you all.

          Irstl: No, the closing won't seriously alter my life. I work in West County, so that's where I usually eat lunch. Indeed, that's why I don't get to the city much even for lunch. But I do go periodically, and I know there's good places I keep reading about that I'd like to try. And we all know that the streets around 40 will be used much more. So - just looking for a couple of ideas.

          Doug: Thanks for the reminder about 400 Olive; I've never been there. It's now at the top of the list.

          Socialkim: South Grand should be no problem - I take 44 to get there anyway. But I've never been to Seamus McDaniel's. Hmmmm....


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            You might want to consider going down to Cherokee Street and sampling some of the amazing Mexican food available there. I strongly recommend La Vallesana, a tiny place with a few seats at a counter and some table seating outdoors (perhaps not so attractive in December, but we do get some springlike days in the midst of winter). The food was terrific and inexpensive and the family that runs it was very gracious and attentive.

            La Vallesana
            2801 Cherokee St, Saint Louis, MO 63118