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Dec 4, 2007 08:10 AM

Caputo's Bakery in Long Branch

When I was a kid, it was the staple of all family celebrations - First communions, baby showers etc. The rum cake is the stuff of family legend. My question now is, do they have Italian-style pastries and are they still as good as my family lore would suggest?

If not, do you have any suggestions for great pastry in the Monmouth County area?

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  1. bump...anyone? anyone? bueller?

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    1. re: radiogrl1

      Caputo's still very good. You could also try La Rosa's in Red Bank but my new favorite is J&M on 35 in Middletown in the strip mall where the Blockbuster is.

      1. re: taboni

        J&M? Is that the Italian one, between Sono Sushi and Neelam? Add the wine store that just opened, and you have almost everything you need in one strip mall.

        1. re: aacharya

          And dont forget Floentino's and the candy store in the same shopping center.

          I was at J&M today buying their cookies.

          1. re: tom porc

            Caputos is daughter works in West Long Branch & frequently brings home pasteries from there definitly one of the best around.

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      1. caputo's-love the danish, brownies, some cakes better than others... the cannolis are filled when you order and fantastic, which is saying something as my baseline is veneiros in the east village..butterfly blue on branchport (poultry farm)has incredible baked goods/pies..

        1. Had the Bastachot (not sure of the spelling) pastry yesterday - Amazing!

          They had small - medium and a large pie!

          A Perfect bite! Definitely makes the list - A Must Try in NJ!

          The Swan Cremes are also delicious!
          This bakery was established in 1923.

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          1. re: shabbystorm

            You did a pretty good phonetically, it's pasticiotto.

            And I agree that Caputo's is one of the best Italian bakeries in the area. I prefer it to J&M and La Rosa. Their plain cookies, we used to call them biscotti before biscotti became associated with just the one cookie, are very good as well. The Regina (sesame seeds), savagliardi or savoiardi, anisette, are my faves. Gotta dunk 'em. Their lemon drop cookies are good but not great. I enjoy their cannoli cream because I don't find it over sweet like some can be.

          2. Specifically tried the pasticiotto, traditional and chocolate filled from J&M on Rt 35 yesterday - It was good.

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            1. re: shabbystorm

              Caputo's is the only place I buy my Cannoli's great stuff. Otherwise we get pastries from Arthur Ave in the Bronx.......some of my family up north love the Hackensack bakery also super Rum BaBa best I've had.