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Dec 4, 2007 07:53 AM

Best Ethiopian restaurant in DC?

I am visiting my friend in Fairfax next weekend and we wanna get some great Ethiopian food. I've heard good things about Dukem but I figured I'd see about any more recommendations. I'm vegan but I guess that won't matter much as I can get plenty of yummy veggies at most any Ethiopian place. But if there's one that caters to vegans that'd be nice to know, too!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ethiopian veggies are not evidently vegan. They are often, but not exclusively, cooked with butter. Best to ask if you want to be informed.

    The best two places are Etete and Queen Makeda, on opposite sides of 9th street, in between T and U Sts, NW.

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      I'm from out of town and every time we visit we go to Etete just because we've always had really great food there. I've never tried other Ethiopian restaurants in DC because I'd hate to have a bad meal as we only visit once or twice a year. We usually get some sort of meat, the veg. sampler and add the fish. That fish is awesome!

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        Queen Makeda is a treat. While Dukem and Etete are excellent, they're also well known, and very busy. QM makes you feel like you're eating in someone's home. Always my choice in that neighborhood.

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          I've never been to QM, but my favorite is Madget, just down from Dukem on U St. Madget is also very small and home-like, with lots of cab drivers actually eating (not just having drinks), which is always a good sign. And their injera is the best I've had in Little Ethopia.

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            Unfortunately, eight of us had a miserable meal at Madjet, which was followed up by other highly negative reports. Please see the following threads:



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            We usually go to Etete when they first open and last time we were the only ones in the restaurant during our whole meal. The owner even came how to check on us.

        2. Thanks for all the recommendations!

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            This is probably too late but I have posted several reviews of the city's most well known Ethiopian restaurants in the past (just search on this board to find them). I'm also a vegan and I made it a point to ask (and note in my reviews) if the vegetarian selections were cooked in butter. At every place I have tried, the vegetarian sampler platter has been completly vegan, with some specifically noted vegetarian items (usually the mushroom dishes and sometimes shiro) being cooked in butter. I would second steve's rec of etete and queen makeda.