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[DAL] Latkes to Go?

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I'd like to celebrate Hanukkah tonight (I'm not Jewish, but have many fond memories of Shabbat dinners with friends in college).

I'm wondering if there's anywhere in Dallas that I can pick up prepared latkes and other traditional foods for this evening, maybe to go with a roast chicken. I asked the DMN Eats blog to cover it, but they haven't posted anything.

Does anyone know if I'd have luck at Whole Foods or Central Market?



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  1. WF at Forest and Preston not only has latkes but a load of other prepared Hanukkah foods.

    1. Funny enough I just noticed them at Central Market.

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        Yes, and I got them at Central Market this evening. I heated them up in toaster oven and ate them with the Central Market homemade apple sauce. They were delicious! They also have brisket/pot roast and chopped chicken liver, both of which are super ethnic and Chanukah appropriate.

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          I went to Whole Foods at 3:45, and they were out of latkes. The guy who checked me out said they'd been out since that morning. We picked up a rotisserie chicken that was OK, and some hash browns.

          I made the "shortcut" latkes from the recipe that was on the DMN website and they were tasty -- I'd describe them as fresh. I felt kind of guilty not grating the potatoes myself, however. I mean, why not just call them hash browns? I tried to remind myself of the story of the Macabees. :) It's more about the oil, after all.

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            I like making latkes at home but boy do they smell up the house with a string frying odor.

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              I hear that. And my mom would always grate a little bit of her knuckle in it, until the good olde food processor. They are quite a production, but I still think I may make them this weekend.

      2. Try, Ed's Deli or Deli News. Good chance you will find what you want in either of these two (Jewish) deli's.

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          Oy! The reason that latkes are the things you crave is the personalization lent by those little shards of knuckle skin and the rosy protein enhancement of a bit of blood.

          If you don't make them yourself (or find someone who does), I second the suggestion of Ed's or Deli News. Latkes, unlike hashed browns, are grated RAW potatoes. Actually, there are some very coarse microplanes that would do a great job. And very sorry but ... I hoard chicken fat and make my own schmaltz to fry them in. Hey, once a year is not going to kill me. The extra fat goes into making gehakte leber.

          Further to thread, we're talking about hard-core ethnic comfort food here ... so it's blasphemy, akin to pronouncing the name of G*d to consider the aroma, the perfume, the seduction of frying latkes anything less than a burnt offering. Properly prepared latkes are right up there with world-class schtupping ... how can you say they smell! Ach! Du bist a shunte fun die goyim!!! Feh! May all your latkes be made with mashed potatoes ... from a box!!!

          Most cordially,


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            <<Properly prepared latkes are right up there with world-class schtupping ... >>

            I don't thing I'll ever be able to look at latkes the same way again!