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Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria, Hayward?

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A friend in Berkeley swears that Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria makes the best al pastor tacos in the Bay Area. She likes the handmade corn tortillas, fresh pineapple topping, good salsa, and the spicy pork. She recommends asking for the meat to be fried on the flat top.

Hound opinions?


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  1. i haven't tried the tacos (on my list), but the al pastor burrito I've had there was good. I'll have to try it it soon. They also have menudo on the weekends that look good.

    1. my friend has had many good things to say about the al pastor and Chavez market in sunnyvale also.

      1. I totally agree. Their al pastor tacos are amazing. Their burritos and sopas are pretty good too.

        1. I agree that the Al jpastor is very good at Chavez. Not oily at all. Only tried the Redwood City location. We noramlly do not order al pastor because it can be really oily.

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            Chévere, glad I got you guys to come out of the woodwork on this one. Good al pastor is hard to find.

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            strawberry girl

            Melanie-Chavez is also opening a new store on 5th near El Camino in RWC; where Key Market closed. I've been waiting...

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              Me too - it's looking very close to opening!

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                  i think the new place will open on 5th pretty soon , maybe 2 weeks to a month? just a guess

            2. chavez is brillant and their burritos are just a+ but for tacos there are plenty other good places. chavez also tends to be very inconsistent from location.

              1. Re: Chavez Hayward. The al pastor is better than at the many places in DF that everyone raves about. For a great silly fix, try the supernachos with whole beans with al pastor or asada. I get mine with no pico, just green sauce. Also a good place for sopes.

                1. Jack in the Box, look out! Chavez now has nacho fries.