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Dec 4, 2007 06:58 AM

Lago Trattoria in Newport VT?

Has anyone eaten here? Might be heading up to Jay Peak, and wondering whether it might be worth a drive to Newport for dinner. It looks and sounds great...

Also, anything just over the border into Canada worth going to...I don't want to trek to Monteal, but would be willing to drive a short way in

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  1. Though I left northeastern Vermont in 2004, I was a regular at Lago and ate there as recently as last year. In a word, it is excellent. The preparations are not complex, but extremely well-executed. The menu is reasonably diverse, but by no means exhausting. The wine list is fine and the bartender pours with a good hand. The warm bread is accompanied by a spicy bean sauce--and the meal goes well from there. Enjoy!

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      "Gamefish" has hit the nail on the head as I too find Lago to be "excellent" & "extremely well-executed"(in addition to being remarkably consistent). I've been meaning to post regarding this personal favorite as I was surprised to find little mention of this fine restaurant. I distinctly recall each dish I have had there & can still taste the rack of lamb as well as the veal medallions from our last visit(getting hungry as I type here Chowhounds!). Well worth the drive so be sure to enjoy this Newport gem. Cheers.

    2. Not sure if you've gone yet, but I agree with the previous reviewers. I'm from NE Vermont originally and am pleased to have such a nice place in my "reserve" for a nice night out with the family. If you're driving through the Saint Johnsbury area, I can also recommend Elements in St. J - wonderful food, fresh and local as much as possible.

      1. Still love getting back to Lago whenever possible as we're big fans too. It's hard not to order that Beef Carpaccio with Black Pepper/Shaved Parmigiano/Arugula Salad for a starter or those Veal Medallions with Wild Mushrooms/Asparagus/Sage/Garlic/Truffle Oil/Parpardelle Pasta for an entree.

        The Maple Grilled Quail which was a standout and once served alone as a special is now paired with Duck Leg Confit and house made Sweet Potato Ricotta Ravioli. Nice.

        Funny thing with that Lamb Rack served with the always SUPERB Shayes Maple(we won't leave the area without taking some home) is that they took it off the menu last year. They still offered it if you called in advance of your visit but countless customers weren't happy at all(including angry Canadiens). So's back where it belongs! A revolt in the Northeast Kingdom never tasted so good. They best not try to take off my dessert of Vin Santo and Biscotti...I can get rather pissed off over such things. :)

        Still sorry that the 'Lago Express Lunch and Gourmet Market' next door is no longer. No more enjoying their food when heading to see our neighbors to the North. :(

        Lago Trattoria
        95 Main St, Newport, VT 05855