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Dec 4, 2007 06:45 AM

Autour du Monde opens in Clinton Hill

The old Bodegas space at Fulton and Clinton Avenue (right by the C stop) has finally reopened as an upscale French bistro with a couple of exotic twists (Caribbean crab cakes). They will eb open for breakfast lunch and dinner starting at 7:30 am, with croissants and pain au chocolat baked on the premises, and they will serve brunch Sat and Sun 10-4. For now it is cash only and BYOB (no corkage, and Olivino is just a few steps away)....
Owner Olivier used to work at Chez Oskar and chef Pascal, who is French and a partner, was at Belleville in Park Slope. We went last night and had an excellent hanger steak with fries, French onion soup, and Waldorf salad. Everything very good, prices fair for the quality (hanger steak $19, salad 8.50, soup 6.50) but would like additional feedback. We will be going again!

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  1. "For now BYOB (no corkage)."

    great to know. thanks!

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      I ate there last night and I liked it quite a bit. Had a frisee salad and a cornish hen special. The frisee was very simple - just the lettuce and slices of ham on top, dressed perfectly (by which I mean sparingly, so that the flavor of the frisee wasn't drowned out by the dressing). Cornish Hen was also well done, served with a sort of vegetable risotto that was just perfect. It was simple but pretty sophisticated. My friend had the Waldorf and a burger and had no complaints. Waiter is young, nervous and inexperienced but very nice and should relax with a bit more time. I really liked this place and of course I hope they're really successful. Guy who I think may be the owner was great.

    2. What a great addition to the neighborhood--we had a variety of entrees, including the cod croquettes and fish soup (which our foodie friends proclaimed as good as their favorite Parisian bistro), hangar steak (the best prep I've had in NYC--with a bit of mole in the sauce, very tender), excellent salmon with chimichurri? sauce. The place just got a wine/liquor license, but we didn't know and brought our own wine (corkage $10). I was reminded of the Good Fork (in Red Hook), given the well-blended diversity of the menu and the terrific prep of each AND the fact that the owner(s) ARE there. And, how reasonably priced too!!

      1. I love Autour du Monde!!! Wonderful addition to the fast changing area. The owners/servers/bartenders are simply amazing. Warm friendly atmosphere. The place is grand! Fabulous room for large parties. Wine list is simple and affordable. The food is certified organic and everything is made from scratch. I was there for brunch yesterday. I had the best Croque Monsieur ever! It was delicious in fact that i even considered ordering a second one!!! Loving the international concept! We must support these would be too sad to see them go.