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Dec 4, 2007 06:40 AM

Cincinnati Style Chili in Cleveland?

Can anyone tell me where I can get Cincinnati style chili in Cleveland (besides Skyline). They had it on the brunch menu at Lucky's Cafe last year, and it was killer. I hope they bring it back someday. In the meantime..... any recommendations?

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  1. To each his own i guess... In Cleveland we like our chili hearty. it might be hard to find Cinci chili up here.

    1. Skyline Chili in Cincinnati lists four locations in the Cleveland area, in Lyndhurst, Mansfield (calling that Cleveland is a reach), someplace called Ridge Park Square (down near Parma), and Stow.

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      1. re: johnbycz

        the OP said "besides Skyline," which I believe they also sell in the frozen aisle at the grocery. I don't care for it either but generalizing as to what a group of people like or don't like doesn't help the OP.

        1. re: rockandroller1

          My bad. While acknowledging the excellence of Camp Washington Chili and Dixie Chili, I happen to love Skyline as well. I read right over that.

          1. re: johnbycz

            you love them all because there is no difference between any of them (other than CW being atmospheric).

            just a guess, but if you can find skyline at the grocery i'd imagine you might find gold star as well. or ask for it at your grocer. you would be surprised -- in my experience they really will order stuff or keep an eye out for items for you, even at the big boys.

            1. re: mrnyc

              unfortunately despite skyline's prevalence at major grocery stores, i've never seen gold star. there is a brand called "cincinnati style" which is in a royal blue package that you can sometimes find canned but very often in a packet to make your own. i know that's not what you're looking for but it's pretty easy - and good with turkey. it tastes different from skyline. good luck finding a restaurant though!

      2. Another Cincinnati chili, Gold Star Chili, is available to order online from their Web site It's also carried in several grocery stores. I found a list located here... Good luck!

        1. Sorry but Skyline is the one and only in cleveland (I can't imagine anthing better!!)

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            you may want to contact Lucky's. Their website is often not updated. I heard they are expanding to dinner-if they have not already, so maybe the chili over pasta will show up again. I agree it was killer! A little odd to eat for brunch, but still so good.