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Dec 4, 2007 06:32 AM

Canandaigua Lake and road trip there

I will be staying in Canandaigua Lake, NY for a couple of nights. Most of my meals have been decided for me, but I might be able to sneak away for a not to miss food experience. Is there anything in this area that I must find a way to try before I leave?

I will be driving from Mass on I-90. Is there anything along the way that is not to miss? After some searching on the boards, I have Bella Napoli Bakery in Latham and Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse as possible stops. Are these good choices or is there something else near 1-90? I'm not opposed to driving the Southern Route (88 to 86) if there are some better food places along that route.

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  1. go to Emile's ( ).
    The regular prime rib (seasoned and char grilled) or Emile's cut there is the best I have ever had.

    1. I'm not sure where on Canandaigua Lake you are staying (it's 16 miles long), but if you are staying on the north end (in Canandaigua, itself), you should definitely stop into the Wine and Culinary Center and might also get some authentic Mexican food at El Rincon Dos http://www.elrincon.downtowncanandaig... Rincon is BYOB.
      If you like beer, Macgregor's on South Main Street has something 100 different beers on tap.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. While in Canandaigua, I didn't get much time to explore. We stayed at and ate most of the meals at the Bristol Harbour (corporate function). The meals we had there were average.

        One of our group lunches was at Wine and Culinary Center. This was so fun. We ate in one of the demonstration rooms where the chef showed us how to prepare what we were eating. One of their wine experts presented the wines that were being served with each course and gave us a mini wine educational seminar. It was a wonderful experience and left me wishing that we had something like this closer to home. The entire facility and wine tasting room is also impressive.

        One our way to Canandaigua, we stopped at Donut Dip in West Springfield (more about that on the New England board), then Dinosaur Barbeque in Syracuse for a late lunch. Dinosaur Barbeque was great. The waitress was very friendly and wonderful. We shared one of the appetizer sampler plates (fried green tomatoes, deviled eggs, shrimp) and a ribs plate with 2 sides and cornbread (chili and fries). The ribs were wonderfully tasty and tender with a great smoky flavor. The fries were nicely crisp and especially great dunked in the chili.

        On our way home, we detoured and spent a night in Saratoga Springs. We stopped on the way there at Old Erie Restaurant in Weedsport. It was very east on and off the Thurway. The menu is varied with everything from casual dining to finer dining options. We stuck with the more casual options and had a burger and boneless buffalo wings. My only complaint was that the burger was a little overcooked. I ordered it medium rare and it was medium to medium well. It was still juicy and had great flavor. We both liked the homemade chips that accompanied the burger. The chicken could have been spicier for me. They serve a very generous serving of blue cheese dressing with the wings. I overheard them telling another customer about dessert and that all are home made. Overall, this was a nice stop and we would certainly stop again on a road trip.

        In Saratoga Springs, we had dinner at the Wine Bar on Broadway. I was very disappointed with the service (we sat at the bar). I ordered one of the flights of wine. The bartender poured all three, then left. I had to flag her down to find out which wines were which. There were several times when our glasses were empty and we had to actively try and get service. The bar isn’t that big and there were at least two bartenders working all night. We ordered four items to share with three people – a mini hamburger, scallops, mixed grill and gnocchi. I love scallops but did not care for the preparation on their dish at all. It just did not taste very good to me at all. My husband wasn’t thrilled with it either, but didn’t dislike it the way I did. The mini burger was very juicy and tasty. The gnocchi and mixed grill were wonderful.

        Before hitting the road to go home, we stopped at Mrs. London’s for some delicious pastries and bread. The croissant was the best I have had in the states.

        Thanks for all of your suggestions both in this post and other posts on the tri-state board. The trip was so much more enjoyable than it would have been with rest stop food.

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          I LOVE it when people report back. Thank you!