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Dec 4, 2007 05:33 AM

Quality Meat--Anyone Been Yet?

can anyone provide any info on this restaurant. i don't know anyone that has been but i hear good things. food, decor, atmosphere? thanks.

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  1. You should do a search, I think it's been open more than a year. I liked it. The decor is different than a traditional steakhouse (I think they had something in mind about appealing more to women). Feels more chic, edgy. I remember the friendly, effusive waitress steering me away from a flatiron steak with a strong berry sauce, and she was right--not the best. More traditional steak options were great. The fish looked good. Aps delicious. They have these creative, decadent sundaes that sound better in theory than they turned out to be in practice. I would go back, I enjoyed the experience.

    1. Being a midtown steak restaurant the clientele definitely skews corporate, but the crowd is younger. The place gets loud, and it's upscale without being stuffy -- though some might consider it scene-y.

      The food is fine. The meats are quality as advertised, but are intentionally served with little seasoning or added flavor. Some may enjoy this focus on the natural texture and flavor, but with lackluster sides I was a little bored. It was a good cut of meat served simply, but for the money I felt I was paying a surcharge for the decor and location. Go without raised expectations and you'll be fine.

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      1. re: Mazzer

        they were fun when they were still byob friendly. now that they are not, there are much better places to spend your $'s..

        1. re: TBird

          Agree 100%. At first their BYO policy was, bring something not on the wine list and corkage is $0, which is what the policy was (is?) at all of the Wollensky group restaurants. But that policy is not consistent. The manager told me of a "suggested" $10/bottle "for the waiter". Then it became a "mandatory" corkage of $10 . . . yet it's still $0 at Wollensky. They need to get the corkage policy straight. Once you factor in the corkage fee (and its inconsistent application), Quality Meats offers NOTHING more than any other steakhouse in town.

          1. re: Vinous

            "yet it's still $0 at Wollensky."

            that has changed too. thus the change at QM. it all happened at the same time. sadly.

      2. they don't have availability the night i want to go, oh well. thanks for your input. i'll keep it on my list but not necessarily on the top.

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        1. re: fein

          i think its a great place but the worst thing about it is the steak. the rib steak i had is a lot of work. the three filets were boring.

          other than that, the service, design, appetizers, cheese, fish, lamb...all were excellent.

        2. I loved the decor/atmosphere -- its modern and chic.

          However, the 3 filets weren't so great. I enjoyed my boyfriend's entree more.

          1. what about the steak with blackberry sauce? we are going tomorrow night just for that. any opinions?

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            1. re: doona

              yeah, I wasn't into it. Very strong/sweet taste that I thought was overpowering. I would pick s/t else.

              1. re: Mandymac

                Went last night... the steak with blackberry sauce is not on the menu right now. They said that although they can still get the blackberries, its traditionally serves with a hanger steak and that's not in season right now? Excuse me, I asked? And totally rationale for them... saying that the hanger steak is too light of a meat to serve during the winter season. So, they replaced that special menu item with a long short rib (a huge bone with short rib meat) marinated and braised in red wine. It was good, but one of the only highlights. Other than the steak tartare (great) and creme corn brulee.

                Good food, great atmosphere, steakhouse type service. I'd say a great place to take tourists looking for a New York type steakhouse, don't take New Yorkers looking for great food.

                1. re: doona

                  The decor is unique for a Steakhouse but a little cold. Some nice touches.
                  The food is OK. The steaks were average as were the sides...Its going for the new style steakhouse angle, but the food just isnt all that great.