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Dec 4, 2007 05:20 AM

Sufganiyot in Queens?

Any suggestions? I was thinking of checking out Queens Kosher Pita on Main St. in Kew Gardens Hills, but thought I would run it up the flagpole before committing...

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  1. every bakery in kew garden hills. the best ones are definitely at queens pita.

    1. Carmel has them on 108th and 64th ave in Rego Park

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        Just a follow-up to this: I went down to Main Street and it turned out that Amalya (the Israeli market in that same little strip mall as Queens Kosher Pita, right in between Supersol and the falafel place - 6824 Main St.) has fresh sufganiyot flown in from Israel. I did a little taste test, and these were significantly better than the sufganiyot at QKP (although the latter has more flavors, including chocolate and custard, while Amalya seems to only have the jelly). But so far, Amalya's are the best I've had (as good as I remember the ones I got last year at Holyland Market in the East Village, also flown in from Israel).