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Dec 3, 2007 10:48 PM

Korean-style Japanese/"Western" food?


My friend is returning from Korea, where she developed a taste for something that I guess must be the Korean version of yoshoku, including Korean tonkatsu and so forth. I don't know enough about Korean food to be able to find out about any similar local restaurants; I love my soon dubu and dolsot bibimbap joints but I don't know about much beyond that. Can anyone suggest any restaurants to try?

The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Milpitas-Fremont corridor would be best, but I'll take any recommendations anywhere in the Bay Area. (Failing that, relevant vocabulary for my Google searches would help too.)

Thank you!

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  1. Throw in Karaoke and soju cocktails too, and maybe you'll find something she likes at Playground, upstairs from Denny's (1705 Buchanan) in SF Japantown. I'm clueless as to Korean Yoshoku, but Yelpers report digging things like Korean Tonkatsu and corn cheese(?!) there. It just seems like the right environment for the kind of fusion she seems to be jonesing for.

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      Xiao_Yang, interesting! I didn't know they served food. Hmm, maybe worth a try if we can't find anything down here. Thanks!

      Good Luck.

      All I know about korean yoshoku is hashed rice, their curry rice (incorporates garbanzos, I believe), omu raisu and possibly stuffed cabbage.

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        I have a lot of good sources for Japanese yoshoku in the South Bay, so I'm set there, but thanks, kare_raisu.

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          What dishes in K-Yoshoku are you looking for...other than tonkatsu?

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            Gah, I'm trying to dig through my e-mail with her to see what else she was talking about, but I can't seem to find it. She's not familiar with Japanese yoshoku, so it was kind of hard for her to describe what she had been eating in any way that made sense to me. :) She mentioned a particular style of tonkatsu: served in a shallow bowl with a thin sauce (maybe miso), a layer of sliced mushrooms and green onions, and possibly squash, though I can't remember for sure. The cutlet was on top of that, and a slightly scrambled raw egg was poured and cooked over the top. It was served with a side of udon and rice. It's not oyakodon, because I showed that to her and she said that wasn't it.

            In general, apparently she really enjoyed the Korean versions of Japanese restaurants. (I know she's looking for gimbap or Korean-style sushi in general that does the thing with sesame oil and little/no vinegar, but I think I can probably find that on Chowhound somewhere.)