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Dec 3, 2007 10:46 PM

If you find yourself in or near St. Catharines try Frego's

my girlfriend and i were hungry and lost since the restaurants we planned to go to were closed, so we were desperate. then we found frego's which looked kinda sketchy with the big bright green sign but it had wild salmon and i like wild caught fish so i thought why not.

we decided to try it. i wouldn't go there for the salmon in cream sauce, but the service was friendly and the other meat was good. their presentation of the 3-meat (or 4 i don't remember) sampler of souvlakis was really great. nice presentation and the taste was authentic and home grown. you also get a lot of food for the price and it's quite decent in quality. very home-style.

the decor was cute. i liked it and if i'm ever hungry in st. catharines again i'd go back.

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  1. I hope it's okay to put in a good word for another St. Catharines restaurant here, with the thought that anyone looking for recommendations in St. Kitt's will come here: Pan, on St. Paul Street. It is a really cool space and the food blows most of Toronto's brunch places out of the water.