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Dec 3, 2007 10:42 PM

Taipei w/ teens...

I'm taking my teen daughter and her American friend to Taipei later this month. I'm looking for places to take them for tasty local food where young people hang out. Any particular places in Xi Men Ding or the area near Taipei 101? Any theme restaurants (local style not American style)? My folks live in Taipei but they don't necessary know about trendy places. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Ding Tai Fung (Still the best one)....stay clear of the hawkers around the restaurant, they charge so much more than anyone around the corner or down the street.

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      Yes, Ding Tai Fung is a must-visit for us eveytime we go to Taipei. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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        After you go to Ding Tai Fung, assuming you go to the original, I'd recommend strolling down Yong Kang Jie to check out Ice Monster. Mangos are out of season, but they will usually have other fruits available when they don't have mangos.

        Xi Men Ding and Taipei 101/Warner Village are both popular hangouts with the school kids, but I can't think of many specific restaurants offhand, really. I remember going to Shanghai Tea House at Warner Village with some friends years ago and it was pretty good. More yuppy and trendy than your typical Taiwanese restaurant, good decor, food's good, but the prices are a little higher than the Taipei average. I also remember liking Jogoya Japanese Buffet in the Neo 19 building at Warner Village. I hear there are some really nice places to eat(including another good Japanese buffet) in Taipei 101, but I haven't spent much time there since they built it. Some of the buffets you can find in Taipei are pretty amazing and unlike anything you can find in the US.

        And of course no trip would be complete without hitting up the night markets. I'd recommend my favorite night market Lin Guang (Tong hua) Night Market (通化街夜市). It's smaller than Shilin, but still sizable enough to be fun to walk around in. It's mostly on one long straight street so much easier to navigate. Decent selection of food and other goodies. Biggest downside is it's not near a MRT stop so you will need to take a cab.

        I can't think of any unique themed restaurants, but there are a few cool themed beer halls and bars. People's Restaurant/People's Bar is pretty well known for being painfully trendy and hip, but also generally acknowledged to have great food. I've usually gone there for their really interesting drinks, but I've heard good things about their menu as well. Definitely something different and fun.

        If you have any specific food interests I might be able to give more specific pointers, but keep in mind that I haven't been to Taipei in a few years so all my information is a little out of date. :)

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          Thanks. That's very helpful. Believe it or not, my parents live within walking distance from Tong Hua Night Market so we'll definitely go there.

          Where is People's Restaurant? It sounds very interesting.

          And I think the beer halls generally have tasty food. I remember there was a dinosaur themed place or something like that. Which ones do you recommend?