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Dec 3, 2007 09:16 PM

Anyone have trouble with Viking????

I have a brand new viking range 30" open burner, dual fuel range.. with a viking microwave over the top of it.
After using the range or cooktop for 30 minutes, you can hardly touch the microwave to open it without using a hot pad. And that's even with the fan on.
Does anyone else experience this?

Also, the vent at the back of the cooktop pushes out about 300 degrees of heat when on heating the house to unbearable levels..

Any suggestions on what I can do?

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  1. It is possible that you range is not properly vented. However, Vikings produce considerably more BTUs than standard, home ranges. The commercial heritage of the brand may also lead to less insulation. If the unit is properly installed you may just be experiencing the reason why commercial kitchens are so hot. I would hope that the unit was put in wrong, how terrible to have such a pretty and useful piece of equipment that, at the same time, makes your house unbearable. I can say that my thermador double oven and 5-burner cooktop, going all day, in the summer can make the house pretty stifling.

    1. I have a 30" Wolf, single fuel, no microwave, but it does get really hot too, especially the back vent at high temperatures.

      1. Had the opportunity to use my cousins' Viking drop-in gas cooktop a couple weeks ago while staying with her in Vegas. All I can say is: disappointment. Weak, multi-sized burners. Lame.

        However, seems that you're using a full range and chances are that your unit is putting out a lot of heat. That's the nature of beast. Isn't that why you bought it - because you wanted a professional-level range? Besides the heavy-duty grates, large burners and stainless steel, a pro range is going to put off a lot of heat.

        Best thing to keep the heat down is not to use it or just use the low burner settings.

        As a side note, Vikings do not have a "commercial heritage" as there is no professional Viking for commercial/restaurant use. They are simply building what is supposed to be professional level equipment for consumer/home use. Because of this, they are required to use the proper amount of insulation in their units to allow for side-by-side installation next to wood cabinetry.

        Simple fact of the matter is that your range is generating a lot of heat. You'll have to open the window, buy a new range or deal with it.

        1. You should still be under warranty. Call the local Viking service rep and have this checked out.

          1. It sounds like more of a venting above than a heat source below.

            In spite of what some naysayers state, the Viking propane cooktop can produce a significant amount of heat, maybe not what you see in the commercial kitche, but it gets pretty darn hot. The heat need to go somewhere.

            It is unclear from your post where your kitchen designer vented the heat to and how that is achieve. If you could give a little more info, that would be helpful. But if heat rises and the MV is directly above and there is no place for the heat to go then no matter what you placed there it would get very hot.

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              I agree with jfood. I have a 36" Viking sealed burner rangetop. I rarely have more than 3 burners going at one time but at 15,000 BTUs per burner that's a lot of heat to have to dissipate. You really need a powerful hood over those burners to suck out the heat and grease. Most combo microwave/hoods do not have the power to efficiently do the job.