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What Apples for Apple Pie

I'm going to try the vodka crust and attempt to make my husband another pie. Last time I forgot the sugar. Those who said it wouldn't matter were correct. However, I wanted to use an elegant mix of apples and that was a bust. One kind was really mealy, but it was just whatever we had at our local excuse for a grocery store. I know granny smiths -- what else? I'm going to Tulsa tomorrow (known fondly in the hinterlands as OZ) and will have access to really good apples. How many pounds of apples and what kind do you put into your pie?

OK. please help me with your best recipe. Darling likes his pies fruity and not particularly sweet.

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  1. I like to use a mix of Granny Smith for flavor and Golden Delicious for texture (they hold their shape when cooked.) Braeburns make a really good pie too.
    I don't know about you but I toss the apples in a mix of a little cornstarch with a spoonful of sugar and mabe a pinch of cinnamon.
    How about a mix of apples and bosc pears? The sweetness of pears means you can get away with less added sugar.

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      What a great idea! DH is 70, set in his ways, French by birth, Armenian by heritage and American by choice. He likes his pies full of fruit and this will be absolutely wonderful. I'll make it with probably zero sugar.

      Thank you!

    2. I always use Granny Smith, which I think you should stick with if Darling does not like sweet. I like Granny Smith because they temper the inherent sweetness of 90% of all Apple Pie recipes.

      1. I use a mix of fujis and braeburns. One thing I do is cut the apples into little tiny pieces and I don't know if that's what does it, but the apples stay nice and crunchy. I loathe huge, soggy slices of apple in pies and this mix has always worked well for me.

        1. I've used the following baking or AP apples for pies, tarts and coffee cakes with good results: Braeburn, Empire, Fuji (may be too sweet for you), Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, Stayman, Winesap or York (or some combination).

          I generally buy six to eight apples, depending on the apples' size, if I'm planning to make one 9-inch pie.

          1. Arkansas Black and Mutsu. Very good apple flavor firm texture and from Mutsu, sweet and cooks creamy.

            1. I've been told by apple "experts" that Northern Spy is the way to go.

              1. "...going to Tulsa tomorrow (known fondly in the hinterlands as OZ)" : LOL...that's how we feel about Dallas, when we travel down there. I always take my list for excursions to Whole Foods and Central Market. Anyway, from all the responses, you've got the apples covered. Just thought I'd comment on the vodka crust. I made four at Thanksgiving, and even froze them and traveled with them. I love this crust! It's so easy to work with, and it was tasty, flaky, with no hint of vodka at all. Looking forward to hearing how your pie turns out!

                1. I think a mix of apples is always nice. Grannies are definitely good for tartness.

                  1. I bake a lot of apple pies. I use half granny smith and half something else, usually pink lady because that is what we have avail. Strangely, I don't like a pie made with all granny smith apples, just half.

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                      I wrote down the list of what everyone suggested and will see what the real grocery store has and do half grannies and a mixtrue off something else although the idea of the pears really caught my eye. I will report although I'm having trouble geting out of here to go buy these puppies.

                      I have the vodka chilling in the refrigerator --- be interesting to hear Darling's comment about the glass with the lid on it in there.

                      I'm thinking that, if this works as well as everyone says, I might put some vodka in my puff pastry. Could make the rolling go faster in every sense of the word.

                      As I said, I'll report.

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                        Hmmm. I'm not sure I'd put vodka in puff pastry. The point of the vodka is to get a workable dough without the gluten. Gluten development in puff pastry isn't an issue given the way it is made. Still, if you do try it I'd be interested to hear how it works out.