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Dec 3, 2007 08:03 PM

Veal bones for stock

Does anyone where I can buy veal bones for stock? Can you recommend a good butcher shop? I just moved to the Cape this year and all the markets here look at me like I have three heads when I ask this question. Ideally I would love to find a good butcher near the Cape, but would travel as far as Boston or Providence. Thanks all!

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  1. The quality butcher shops and grocers -- Dewar's, Savenor's, Russo's, The Butcher Shop, et. al. -- are the obvious places, but I've gotten veal bones super-cheap from the meat department of local chain supermarkets, including Shaw's and Stop and Shop, with just a couple of days' notice. McKinnon's in Everett and the Hilltop retail outlets in Saugus and Braintree are other meat markets I imagine could help.

    I'm sure I don't need to tell you to roast 'em!

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      Thanks. I'll try your suggestions if I have to go all the way into town. When I ask the meat managers at Roche Bros. and Stop&Shop they said they could special order, but the minimum was a 40# box...I'm cooking for home use, not restaurant proportions.

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        I don't think Russo's normally carries veal bones, they are more about produce and the few meat selections they have are very basic: chicken, pork, sausages. Maybe you have to special order with them?

      2. I used to buy them from Sulmona's on Parmenter St. in the North End.

        1. You might call Kinnealey Meats (617-696-2260) in the Milton Fruit Center Marketplace (10 Bassett Street, Milton). And possibly the Hannaford's in North Quincy - I think I saw them there.

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            At nearly any decent butcher shop you will be able to get veal bones.

            Ask in your local supermarket, you'd be surprised by what you cant get in places like stop and shop and shaws if you ask the right person in the meat dept.

          2. Josiah- I would be interested in splitting a box of veal bones with you. I am in West Barnstable. Send me an email to my account at atmenard.

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              Have you asked at the Brazilian grocery on 28 in Hyannis? For Boston/Cambridge check with Savenors and for Newton check with John Dewar.

            2. I looked around a little while ago for this, Savenors charges a fairly hefty 2.29/lb... but they were the only place i found that didn't need to order them. I just called up:

              DiPaolo & Rossi Meat Market: Nope
              Sulmona Meat Market: Nope
              Lionettes: Nope (only gets veal meat a few times per year)
              Whole Foods on River St.: Nope
              McKinnons in Davis: Nope

              McKinnons in Everette: Looked like the best bet. Although they don't They'll order them. They quoted 1.49/lb but told me to call back with the best price I found he he'd see what he could do.

              I didn't try any of the big chain grocery stores except whole foods on river st... so I'm not sure about those.

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                It won't help most people here, but if you join a meat coop, you may be able to get veal bones that way. The one I belong to (Houde Family Farm) offers them when they're available for $1/lb. By the same token, once farmer's market season starts up, you might want to try contacting a vendor that will be at a local market (for example, Stillman or Chestnut Farms) to see if you can order in advance and pick up at the market. I'm not sure small meat farmers realize how much interest there is in bones, so I bet they don't generally bring them to farmer's markets.

                Market Basket seems pretty consumer driven, so I wonder if that's something they'd stock if asked. J Pace and Sons in Saugus says they have them but at $3.99 a lb, ouch.