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Dec 3, 2007 07:37 PM

near magnificent mile

Maryland chowhound will be in chicago to celebrate 15 th wedding anniversary. staying at wyndham on saint clair street. Would appreciate recs for french restaurants or other recommendations ie italian, greek, thai.

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  1. Well, it depends how far you want to travel. Just north of the Mag mile in Lincoln Park (10 minute cab ride) is Northpond. Which would be ideal for a wedding anniversary.


    Closer to where you are staying is Crofton on Wells, Pane Caldo or Everest which are also all very good places for a special celebration.

    1. We haven't been for awhile, but a couple of years ago we had an excellent anniversary dinner at Les Nomades--traditional French haute cuisine, and in easy walking distance of the Wyndham. Here's their website:


      1. Some other decent French restaurants nearby:

        Bistro 110 - casual, packed with Michigan avenue tired shoppers
        Brasserie Jo - decent
        Brasserie Rulhman - new, beautiful room.

        With that said, I'd go for Les Nomades, especially for such an important meal.