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Dec 3, 2007 07:26 PM

ISO Tapas for a 1st timer, No. CA

...somewhere within about 150 miles radius of Chico. I've never experienced them, or Spanish cuisine (aside from paella made at home-good recipe tho!), and I've got two weeks off coming up at Christmas... Any recs Hounds?

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  1. 2 places in Sacramento.

    Tapa The World. J st. Very loud, boisterous place, outdoor seating, cool patio. I really like it but it is spendy. I really like the shirmp dishes a lot. they also (as of my last trip there) have great beers on tap and Sangria. Fun place to go.

    Aoli Bodega.Espanol. Great place too. Another great patio. I have only been here once and really enjoyed it.

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      A second vote for Aioli. They can have slow service (especially if you get the middle-aged Madrileno) but excellent food. Very authentic, very varied and not so 'spensive. Best with multiple people so you can try a dozen or so dishes!

      1. re: gamecook

        Both places are best with multiples of people....

        1. re: bennyboy1

          Thanks so much! Sounds like how we like to do sushi...the more the merrier!