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Dec 3, 2007 07:22 PM

kid friendly restaurants for foodie mom and dad?

I am going to be in Santa Monica for 4 nights this week with my wife and 2 children ages 1 and 4.

Can you please help with some suggestions of quality food at restaurants that we wont feel uncomfortable if our kids become fussy or loud?

I have decided on Border Grill the first night but am clueless beyond that.

We're willing to drive if any of you have suggestions outside of SM. Thanks in advance!

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  1. We've had great success at Border Grill, it's nice and loud and a good tequila always helps.
    Hal's in Venice is a great little neighborhood joint.
    Beechwood (Venice/MDR) is tolerant of our toddler, and the atmosphere is nice in the time zone for kids. Great burger. Good fish too lately. Mgmt tolerant, wait staff charming with him, and he's great in restaurants. Requested Beechwood tonight, in fact.
    Ford's Filling Station in Culver City, good food, nice and loud, surprisingly good kids' chairs, ha.

    1. One of our regular family spots is Yabu on Pico @ Barrington on the edge of Santa Monica. It's a Japanese place with fresh soba noodles, cooked items as well as sushi & the staff is always wonderful with my son! Don't know what your kids eat but mine usually dines on shrimp tempura & rice......but they also have great udon soups etc.

      Also, in Hollywood, we love Pizzeria Mozza (which you'll find all over this board) where they provide a plain cheese pizza for my picky little one & tons of delicious things for my hubby & myself like chicken liver bruschetta, cheese stuffed & fried squash blossoms & of course, pizza! Tough to get a reservation this late though unless maybe if you dine really really early.

      Angelini Osteria (west hollywood) has also been a favorite again with pizza for the kids & yummy italian food for the adults though I must admit that my last meal there was subpar but when I discussed my issues w/my server he explained there was a new guy in the kitchen & comped my overcooked lasagna (which is usually the stuff foodie dreams are made of).

      Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln in Venice is great BBQ, very casual & kid friendly.

      Good luck!

      1. Fritto Misto will tolerate kids.

        Musha for Japanese

        If you can tolerate a chain, Houston's is on Wilshire; decent for a chain.
        Wilshire Restaurant

        26 Beach in Venice

        Baby Blues' BBQ in Venice

        Nawab of India

        Chaya Venice def would absorb sound

        i Cugini



        Grateful Bread would be a good brunch/lunchtime/afternoon snack option on Montana.

        Blue Plate on Montana tolerates kids well too.