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Dec 3, 2007 07:01 PM

Trendy Places to Eat in SOBe

Hi All

I will be visiting South Beach this weekend and am looking for trendy yet reasonable places to eat where I can do some serious people watching. Thanks!

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  1. Table 8, Nobu, Bond St, Sushi Samba, Prime 112, Quattro
    who did I leave out?

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        brianm, sorry I completely skipped the reasonable part so disregard my initial post. they are trendy but not reasonable unless one piece of sushi will fill you...
        Ok, let me see if I can fix this. I know trendy places on the beach, I know reasonable places on the beach and I know places where you can do serious people watching BUT I'm not sure a combination of all three exists. It doesn't sound like the quality of the food is as important as the factors mentioned. You could hang at Lucky Strikes, Taverna Opa may work but not sure it is trendy enough. You can find reasonable and people watching on Lincoln Road but nothing that is "trendy" too. If you eliminate trendy I would recommend sitting outside at Tiramesu or Le Bon. I would also recommend getting some drinks before or after at Segafredo.
        Which of the three factors is most important?

        1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

          Balans, though I only like breakfast there...
          Van Dyke - I hate this place but have not been in years and are under new management now, so who knows, it might be better now...

          1. re: tpigeon

            Would Maison d'Azur qualify?

            1. re: ems

              Potentially reasonable depending on how you order. Some stuff is very pricey (caviar, some raw bar items, some fish) but other items are not outrageous (salads, soups, moules & frites).

              It was fairly quiet when we were there but I understand they are encouraging a more loungey later-evening crowd.

              1. re: ems

                Not sure how trendy Azur is btw. Frods comments are dead on but there is a hotel premium to every dish - so there are many things where you would say "not bad" for pricing but nothing I would consider cheap.

      2. Hi all
        thanks for the suggestions.. Chowfather the food is more important than the sights it is a nice to have as opposed to a must.. hope that helps

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        1. re: brianm21

          trendy and reasonable do not necessarily go together down here in south beach. sobe aka CF gave some good ideas, to that I'd add Sardinia, News Cafe, Sylvanos, Rosinellas, World Resouces and Joe Allen.

          1. re: netmover

            Sardinia is kind of out of the way and does not match the peoplewatching of lincoln road. But if food is the priority Sardinia is quite a bit better than my recs. It is trendy and it does have decent people watching btw.

            News Cafe - not a fan and I am not an ocean drive person but most probably you will enjoy the people watching there.

            I heard of a decline in the quality of sylvanos. I am assuming you are talking about the ocean drive location...

            Rosinellas - not what I call trendy but does have great people watching by virtue of lincoln rd location and solid food.

            World Resources has decent food and is more trendy and has a great location (heart of lincoln rd).

            I would not do Joe Allen as the crowd there has gotten decidedly older since sardinia opened - I really like the food there though.

          2. re: brianm21

            If food beats trendy and people watching,
            Sardinia - this will be somewhat of a pain in the neck for you to get to btw...
            Ice Box - breakfast (french toast) on a weekend to get better people watching.
            Le Bon
            Balans - breakfast only - preferably weekends as it is always packed
            Front Porch - Breakfast

            It is really hard to combine good food reasonable prices and good people watching in sobe... Take out reasonable prices and then we have something :).