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Dec 3, 2007 06:35 PM

Lola's Almond Soup

Is Lola's still open (Esplanade Ave.)? And do they still serve their Andalusian almond soup?

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  1. They are still open. I'm not sure about the soup.

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    1. re: mikemill

      I'm sure their paella belongs on the most overrated thread. IMHO.

      The soup does sound interesting though.

      1. re: Kingrover

        Their paella goes from ok to very good with some mojo sauce.

        1. re: Kingrover

          I've heard their paella isn't that great. But the soup intrigued me...chilled almond soup with sliced red grapes.

      2. They are still open and they still do have the soup. And it is excellent. I like their paella but I have had better. No matter, since they have many other items worth eating. Their trout, lamb stew, ceviche are all worth going there, to name a few. One note, they only take cash.

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