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Dec 3, 2007 06:35 PM

Tapas Party

On a whim, I decided to invite about 20 friends over for a birthday party, and to serve tapas, the reasoning being that it is good finger/small plate food and I could supplement what I make with some olives and sausage pieces and other prepared treats.

So far I plan to make three or four dishes:

-Garlic shrimp
- Patatas Bravas (crisp spiced potatoes)

Does anyone have any other suggestions that might work for this format? I think I need a vegetable item but I don't know what to choose. Is ceviche hard to make, and am I going to poison all my friends if I try to make it? That might really spoil the night...

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  1. You should run out and buy (or get from your library) Penelope Casas' Tapas, the little dishes of Spain

    You won't poison your friends w/ ceviche. The citrus of the lemon/lime "cooks'" the fish. That's what it's all about.

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      Oh yeah, I realize that's how it is cooked, I just worry I'll mess it up somehow. THanks for the book suggestion!

      1. pieces of manchego cheese wrapped in roasted red pepper - so easy and so delicious!

        1. Serve some good, crusty bread to sop up the sauce from the shrimp and to eat with your sausages and add some texture. Since it's winter, I think serving a bit of, thick and hearty cocido or callos poured atop bread would be just garlicky, tomatoey goodness. Manchego with quince paste is a good idea, as I think you could also use a little richness in the menu, but also consider bacon-wrapped dates for some sweetness. I think vegetable tapas are a little hard to eat, but you could try tossing spinach with olive oil, garlic, golden raisins, almonds and a splash of sherry vinegar. Or roasted green beans with hazelnuts, lemon rind and garlic.

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            Do you think I could make the spinach dish you mention a bit ahead and reheat it when the guests come?

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              It might be better to do your mis-en-place and then make the spinach when your guests come. It only takes about 3 minutes to get them slightly wilted. If you cook spinach ahead of time, you lose any texture when re-heating. That said, when it's just us at home, we have no problem cooking our spinach and re-heating it in the microwave.

          2. Thanks! These ideas sound delicious and, most importantly, easy to do for a crowd!