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Dec 3, 2007 05:21 PM

Romantic restaurant in Brooklyn..


My husbands birthday is on saturday and i wanted to celebrate with a romantic dinner..i have been trying to get a reservation at River CAfe..i am on their waiting list for saturday.. any other suggestions? also, has anyone had brunch at river cafe on Sunday? how is it...

thanks much...

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  1. I really like convivium osteria on 5th Ave. It has a nice candlelight atmosphere and the food is really great. Have a great evening!

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      Romantic means different things to different people, although the River Café works for most. If a small cozy place (11 tables) that is not dark (decent lighting, beige walls, with superb but unobtrusive service strikes you as romantic then I would highly recommend the Garden Café in Prospect Heights. It's our idea of birthday romance (and judging by the clientèle, lots of other people as well), but it might not be yours.

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        I'd have to agree that 'romantic' is entirely subjective. I don't find the River Cafe especially anything other than overrated and overpriced. That being said, I second the Garden Cafe. Warm and intimate. Excellent recc

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          Yet another recommendation for Garden Cafe, especially on a wintry night. You will feel well cared for, you will feel very well fed, and you will have your s/o's undivided attention

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        Agree completely on Convivium.

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          In my opinion, Convivium is certainly cozy, but not romantic. We have not been very impressed with the food at Convivium - it is good but not great. The idea to switch from (the idea of) River Cafe to Convivium is a bit troublesome for me... after all, River Cafe is in another league, and can be very romantic (if you get the right table and do not have a noisy party next to you).

          We used go there a lot, for romantic dinners, when the super talented chef Rick Laakkonen still cooked there. Cannot beat the setting. And if you are into great wines, the wine list is one of the top two wine lists in Brooklyn.

          I agree that Garden Cafe can be romantic. The food there is mostly quite good. Sometimes it is too heavy, too much fat, for us.

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            I guess it depends what you consider romantic. We sat downstairs at convivium in the little alcove that fits 2 to 4 people. Surrounded by dusty bottles of wine, candles, was the most romantic meal I've had in brooklyn by far. Esp sharing the steak for two.

            But then I've never had any interest in River Cafe. Not my sort of place.

        2. Aurora in Williamsburg is quite charming and romantic.

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            thanks everyone.. this is my first post on chowhound and very helpful... i wasn't completely sold on river cafe so appreciate the feedback..

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              Hi pcpie331, check out this old thread about the River Cafe's romantic quotient:

              I think their Sunday brunch is great; definitely an experience worth having at least once.

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              We had a great meal @ Petite Crevette in Carroll Gardens. It’s in an old flower shop on Hicks near Union. Food was great, esp. the seafood chowder – some of the best I’ve had. Our entrees - I had a great scallop dish, my S.O. had the mustard salmon - were both great. The service was O.K and the place has a very homey vibe to it. From what I saw it’s mostly family run. We found the back room cozy. It’s BYOB and they might only take cash (we paid cash so that wasn’t an issue), but I def. recommend trying them out.