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Dec 3, 2007 05:00 PM

Restaurant Supply - Northern NJ?

Hi all,

I was just curious if anyone was aware of any restaurant supply houses in northern NJ that are open to the public.


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  1. There's a place in E. Hanover off of Ridgedale Avenue (the one that runs across Rt.10)...I think it's on Eagle Rock Ave--but almost to Ridgedale. I know for certain that they're open to the public. Anyone able to help out with the name?

    Edit: Gotta love Google!
    M and J Frank Inc.
    29 Eagle Rock Ave.
    East Hanover, NJ

    AND I just remembered that there's a small place in Bloomfield; it's in a really weird/tough spot to get to, as it basically sits underneath the Parkway, right behind the tiny Dunkin' Donuts that's there...

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      There's also Bergen Restaurant Supply Company. Despite its name, though, it's just half a mile or so over the NJ/NY border, in Pearl River.

      15 Railroad Ave
      Pearl River, NY

    2. there's also Hackensack rest. supply...located in, where else, Bergenfield..

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        Can I also ask where there are restaurant supply stores in Westchester? I've been looking for a 9" restaurant pan since forever, and the restaurant store in New Rochelle doesn't have one. I had found one in the store in Pelham, but they wouldn't let me buy it -- I had gotten into the store without realizing it was wholesale only.

      2. More central than north but E&A in Plainfield has always had anything I wanted at a good price. Only 3 1/2% sales tax too.

        1. Andy, at M&J Frank is a pleasure to deal with, and the shop is very convenient to Route 80, 46, 10 and 287.

          1. There is a great place in West New York called Palisade Wholesale (65th and Dewey) (201) 854-3964 that has been around for a while. They don't have much of a storefront but they had a few things I was having trouble finding other places.