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Dec 3, 2007 04:56 PM

The Scoolhouse at Canondale and ?for jfood

I am trying to make a reservation at TSAC and on their message at the restaurant they give a website address that I have tried but can't find. It is something like "" or is it an email address? The website for the restaurant refers you to Open Table but when you go there is says TSAC is temporarily offline. Does anybody know the secret or do I just have to wait for them to call me back?
So does jfood have any recent news regarding Cherry Street East. I have to tell you I have almost given up. There has to be some reason other than "we just want it to be really perfect" holding them up.

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  1. The website is, but it will just direct you to opentable for reservations. I'm sure if you leave a message at the restaurant they will get back to you confirming your reservation. I usually use opentable but had to make a change and just left a message with them and they called back a few hours later. They are closed Monday and Tuesday though. I also noticed on their website that they are now open for lunch, so maybe they are offline with Opentable while they add more hours. In any case, the food there is fabulous!!

    1. the last time jfood checked he was told Thanksgiving. Now that the new Shrek float is deflated and back in the crate, and the winter months have now officially set in, burgers have moved to the side in favor of braises. The fence is still u[, work seems to be going on but the doors have been closed due to weather so it is hard to see inside when he passes in the morning.

      So like you, it's getting a little old for jfood. but it will probably open soon and then we'll all see.

      sorry that jfood does not have any further definitive info. :-((

      1. Thanks all. I got a call from Schoolhouse today and got my desired reservation for this Sat. night. I am looking forward to it. They were not aware that the Open Table site says they are temporarily offline, so it was good that I mentioned it.

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          Enjoy J.

          Jfood dropped off Harry Potter (last book last page is history) at the Library this morning and drove slowly by Cherry Street. No activity to speak of. There is one painted deacons bench next to the door looking for someone to bring it inside and install. Then he noticed a "Liquor Permit" sign on the fence facing the liquor store/tailor side. So maybe they have applied and are awaiting approval for the license before the grand re-opening.

          Wanted to give you an update.

          1. re: jfood

            Thanks for the good spywork. I have a feeling the liquor license is what is holding them up. Mr. Jshap, who is actually Mr. Eshap, thought that perhaps there is a delay because of insurance investigation due to the fire. I hope everything turns out well for them soon. I still like a good burger in the winter and they had other good choices as well. Anytime you have any new info please post.

            1. re: jshap

              I ate at the Schoolhouse last week for the first time. I was impressed with the food, the setting and the service. All were good. The setting is quaint but in a good way...quite cozy and convivial. The service was good, they were trying hard all night to impress and they did enough to do so although they came close to going overboard a couple of times (and they really do not need to hand the customer a feedback sheet with the bill...I thought that conveyed some sort of doubt about their own standards...and they really shouldn't have any doubts).

              The food was very good. Standout for me was the gnocchi starter I ordered which was perfectly executed. I can't remember the entire composition of the dish (my memeory sucks when it comes to ingredients etc...) but I know I enjoyed it immensely. Ditto the filet of beef I ordered for entree...again executed perfectly...cooked medium and served sliced in a nice presentation with roast potatoes. Classic but beautifully done. My wife had the berkshire pork for entree...surely berkshire pork has become the defacto dish of the winter season for high end restaurants...I've seen it everywhere...but schoolhouse did a good job...she enjoyed it very much and again it was cooked to perfection and was moist and full of flavor.

              Deserts were outstanding...I had the cheesecake, she had the chocolate cake. Very very good. My cheesecake was accompanied by a citrus granita which worked well.

              All in about 200 bucks for two with 3 glasses of wine. A good deal for this standard of cooking, flawlessly executed in a warm surrounding with great service. Big thumbs up from me and I will return.

              1. re: Scotty100

                Glad to hear another positive report. We love the Schoolhouse and have been many times, always delicious. The people there are very nice and accomodating, even bringing my daughter a shawl one night when she was chilly! I still sometimes have issues with the small menu, especially on the appetizer side, but I've rarely gotten something I didn't love. I hear that they are now open for lunch, and wish they would post that menu on the website. Does anyone have any idea what's they serve for lunch?

                  1. re: sibeats

                    Here's a copy of their Lunch menu that was emailed to their mailing list back in October.

                    Edit: (Not very readable after uploading, so here's the text):

                    Lunch menu:

                    Chowder of local corn and littleneck clams with North Country applewood bacon 10.

                    Salad of baby beets, Selles Sur Cher goat cheese, mixed greens dressed with caramel vinaigrette, and griddled Wave Hill bread 11

                    "Ham, egg and cheese" open faced sandwich of Berkshire pork proscuitto, and Abbaye de bellac cheese, on griddled Wave Hill bread 11.

                    Sautéed Parisian gnocchi with chanterelle mushrooms, English peas and onions 21.

                    All natural filet of beef from Copper Ridge, steel cut oats (think nutty risotto), cabernet macerated cranberries, pearl onions and Napa cabbage 24

                    Seared salmon scallops with celery root puree and Brussel sprout leaves 23.

                    1. re: rbailin

                      Thanks...I was just about to post that my aging eyes couldn't read that small text! Sounds pretty similar to the dinner menu except for the sandwich. I think we've ordered all those things at one time or another for dinner, and they've all been very good! Now how about brunch? Do you have that menu too? I don't know why I'm not on the e-mail list...I'll have to contact them!

                      1. re: sibeats


                        Steak and Eggs w/ root vegetable hash
                        Wave Hill Crustini w/ spinach, prosciutto, and poached eggs
                        Maple Brown Sugar French Toast
                        Sausage & Gravy Biscuit w/poached egg
                        Duck confit, cassoulet, poached egg
                        Fresh Yogurt, granola, berries
                        Kobe Burger, Red Onion jam, goat cheese
                        Eggs your way, Applewood bacon,etc.

                        Traditional sides and brunch beverages (Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Hot Chocolate, French Press Coffee, etc.).

                        Entrees were $12-19

                        1. re: Fairfield.Foody

                          Yum...sounds great. And a nice change from the usual brunch buffet fare!

          2. Well, I don't eat pork and am allergic to goat cheese, so I found almost nothing to eat on their brunch menu save yogurt. I don't need to dine out at these prices to have yogurt. We have been there for dinner and I had similar difficulties. It was impossible to get anything prepared simply or without either pork or goat. I finally located flank steak, which was tasty but there were only 5 teeny, tiny pieces of meat nested on some greens. We were a party of six and the entire table joked about having to go out for pizza afterwards.

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              We just went there for dinner this weekend and I thought the food was better than ever. We usually go once a month but haven't been in awhile. Almost everything on the menu was new and interesting. I had a rabbit loin with pickled radishes, asparagus and gnocchi to start which was delicious. The portion was large for an app, so I made sure to give my husband lots of bites! He started with a parsnip ravioli which was incredible, and I haven't been a big fan of their pastas in the past. The entrees were all delicious as well, I had a squab, two people had the pork and one person had the scallops. When the restaurant first opened the portion sizes were on the small size, then the entrees started getting bigger and bigger. I was happy to see them go back to being a bit smaller so that we weren't so stuffed we couldn't try some desserts! They were also celebrating their one year anniversary and gave out little bags with yummy brownies in them. The place was packed to the gills, so hopefully they'll be able to open the outside patio soon!

              1. re: writegierl18

                If you had already experienced disappointment at dinner why did you go back at brunch? Just curious...

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                  That question was obviously aimed at writegierl...